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    Thinking I may go back to a non-smart phone. The tracking is like freakin minority report

    In this technological beast 666 system there is no privacy and no escape and its only getting more intense.
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    I’m going through hell

    its gonna f u up for a little while bro. the anxiety is the worst. u need to find some new chicks but when your so down its hard to. just focus on building yourself up and pray to God for some measure of peace. Eventually it will come.
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    Taking A Rejection With Grace?

    Its legit because my biz and personal life intersect and theres no barrier. It advertises me myself as my personal brand which includes social life, hobbies, and business interest. Its not for some weak ass corporate job or anything. Although for those who have more standard businesses, say a...
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    Does anyone here believe pair bonding for life is possible in the current climate?

    @Epic Days hey bro no need to get so triggered everyones entitled to their opinion The difference between you and I is I have faith that things will always workout in the end. At the end of the day this physical realm isnt my priority. I have higher aspirations for the afterlife so whatever...
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    Taking A Rejection With Grace?

    if that was a real life example that happened then you came off very corny. u need to change your game bro. put on that alpha aura and be smooth with it. heres my example: cashier- "wow cool tattoo whats it mean?" my response: "its a secret. whats my total?" as I pay I pull out my business...
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    Does anyone here believe pair bonding for life is possible in the current climate?

    Again for every point you make there is the counter point. There are plenty of cases of animals dieing of heartbreak soon after their owners die. They refuse to eat, lose interest in life, fall into deep depressions. I can guarantee you feasting on the flesh of their human master isnt on their...
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    Does anyone here believe pair bonding for life is possible in the current climate?

    Thats not even close to reality. plenty of animals in the kingdom of life pairbond for life. and humans do too. Infact I know personally a couple who are elderly, ages into their late 80's and they were the sweetest happiest couple. she passed away recently RIP and God bless her. My point is...
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    Does anyone here believe pair bonding for life is possible in the current climate?

    I believe its possible if two people put God first and follow in how a marriage really should be from a biblical aspect because they will be blessed and have a good outcome hopefully. Or if two people are very compatible and want the same things. Even then NOTHING is certain and good people make...
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    Young, unemployed or still the modern day guys living the dry spell

    When I was 21 all i had was a suit from h&m an apt i was making just enuff to pay for and extra cash for going out. I was living in a new city exploring. Had some lonely and tough times but also broke out of my shell alot. Im back in that same city in a similar situation but now I have alot more...
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    So... here I am.. wondering wtf.

    you dont look bad. keep lifting and clean up your diet. cut out the processed crap, the dairy. stick to oats protein meats sweet potatoes veggies and some fruit. fix up your style a little bit. its time to level up to a new you bro. improve yourself, looksmaxx, liftmaxx, studymaxx and try and...
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    Tips on going out alone?

    change your venue bro. that solo guy table top game only works if you are very socially calibrated and honest in your approach. After you build a little rapport with anyone an easy transition opener I would use is "Hey you seem chill, in an effort to meet new people id like to buy you a drink...
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    Can you help me respond to this message?

    Why is your name black magic? At least you are self aware and seeking to better yourself. Yeah your right tho when it comes to these females theres no beating around the bush. Be decisive
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    My recent experiences and lessons learned

    @6ix9ine yeah man living in the moment is definitely key...i feel like we as men have been programmed and sold a dream. And so have women. It is what it is. Heartbreak and pain is part of life infact i dare say life is suffering to a degree in one way or the other. Cant know the sweet without...
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    Puss break to focus on Life

    I understand where you are coming from. I think all of us guys have spent alot of time chasing tail. But look at it this way bro, thinketh not of it as a waste of time but just gaining your education. IDK man i rarely changed my ways for girls. I still was lifting all the time, doing stuff I...
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    Is this normal for tinder?

    OLD is dieing out as social media like instagram is where the true meat and potatoes of smashing comes from nowadays because it shows your clout and social proof and is an instant connection to every hottie on the planet lets be real here. and in my opinion even though its a facade its just as...
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    Randomly told me she has a hot tub, etc. (there's more) good come back?

    dont overthink this bro. play it cool u got this in the bag. any chick who still shows interest after a "my chiseled body and that hot tub would look great together" comment is defintely DTF. lol. DONT oversell tho comes off kinda corny but you could get away with anything at this point since...
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    Just not that attracted to her any more

    This thread encourages me. @Murkserious i like the style hes running. this is the dynamic that SHOULD be in the relationship.
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    Money Issues

    try an sell some prints to target or walmart or partner up with a designer to use your art on
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    My recent experiences and lessons learned

    i just read all this. i can rellate fully. the lows can be really low. the whole relationship dynamic with the pain of rejection, looksmaxxing. oneitis etc. I think you wrote a really solid post that ties it altogether. if anything its actually a sad case study on what the modern male goes...
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    So this is a "Marine"

    not as a new thing, but as an unknown thing. ask your typical american who smedley butler was and they dont know ****. ask your typical american how the fed reserve works etc. you get the point. sometimes the knowledge guys like us have we take for granted compared to the average sheeple