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    MadMan Sex Field Report: She told me to give her 10 inches and make it hurt

    Punch to the back of the head. Well that sounds painful. Sure. Coming up in...... 3...2...1........... THREAD CLOSED.
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    Can you help me respond to this message?

    Well cool. Good you asked her out. The thing about "telling her what you thought about her",ummm......NO. This is sort of a unique situation,in which you spent a year talking online with her first......but I STILL wouldn't have told her whatever it was "you thought" about her. It's too deep to...
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    Can you help me respond to this message?

    You've been talking to some chick online for almost a year...... Uhh.....WHY? Why so long? You do know that,the longer you talk with a chick,the greater the chance of you two ever going out goes DOWN.....don't you? The more you talk,the more she gets to know you. The more she gets to know...
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    Strong mutual attraction with a coworker who's engaged

    Run,not walk away from this situation. Just a reminder.
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    "Horny" then silence. you read YOUR OWN POSTS and what YOU SAY? Why are you asking us why this chick gave you the "I'm horny" gameplaying text? Don't you remember what YOU SAID in the very first post of this the last paragraph? You said..... "Last dinner we had she told me how she had fun...
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    "Horny" then silence.

    Why haven't you gone for the kissed close after having 2 dates...... The first date,ok...maybe just feeling her out,but the second one......if there was enough of an interest to even bother going out a second time,there should have been enough for you to at least try for the kiss.
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    "Horny" then silence.

    Hmm.'re dating a girl that you've never kissed before. Odd. You also said this chick still lives with her parents. So I take it you two both must be in high school. Does she consider the two of you to be "dating" as well? Hmm. Well...if you two have never even kissed,what makes...
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    Why do women get so offended...

    But what's your goal in asking this question? You saying she has to be debt-free in order for you to sleep with her? You want to know NOW. Ok....and if she does turn out to have debt,then what? Sex is off the table? It'd seem to me you'd only want this information if you have potential...
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    Girl on Tinder asked me my height

    What he said.
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    I got flaked on.........and its no big deal

    You say you tell it like it is. No you don't. You're telling us how it is........for YOU. For YOUR head and in YOUR YOU a chick flaking makes you a loser. I'm not saying that a guy can't be a little upset or pissed off if a chick out of the blue cancels a...
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    I got flaked on.........and its no big deal

    100% grade A HORSESH1T.
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    I wish some of my posts could be deleted see how "insane" you looked in your past posts. GOOD. I'm glad you finally see what was GLARINGLY OBVIOUS to everyone else. KEEP LOOKING AT THEM. Maybe the shame and embarrassment you feel will be enough to keep you sane and in reality. And also be THANKFUL.... If you're truly...
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    How do you get over...

    It'd be easier to believe he was a troll if his account was recent or brand new. Him being here for almost 2 years kinda takes the belief out of that argument. BigDave seemed more like a troll than this guy. This guy just seems neuratic.
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    Monica Lewinsky is Sexy

    Sooo......I take it you only date virgins?
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    How to respond to this?

    So you've been seeing her for a month. Have you two had sex? If not,have you even tried to?
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    What do women prefer?

    This reminds me of a thread from a few years ago. This thread...... .....was from a guy who had a girlfriend,but had been liking a different girl for a while. The girl he liked wouldn't give him a chance,so he...
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    Rate this girl please

    Here you go......
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    Rate this girl please know that's a dude....right pal?
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    Girl complaining about being single

    Well hopefully you haven't,but if you have,it's ok. That's the good thing about dating....... doesn't matter how many times you mess up,there's ALWAYS another girl/another opportunity to try again and get it right. Just make sure YOU LEARN from this interaction either way. You don't want to...