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  1. sph21

    Ex still affecting me

    Welcome to women's world. It's confusing af and if we're internalizing their words, sometimes they'll hurt us. Women can talk all lovely words and it won't mean a thing. This is something that you need to realize first if you're dealing with them. The sooner you realize that women aren't...
  2. sph21

    Very specific practical way to make your ex or someone who rejected your advances make fall in love with you

    Are you a troll? If you're not, here's my input on this. You're still living in a dream land. By still being desperate like you? Not a chance. You wanna make something out of nothing. It's not gonna happen. You're too lazy to learn how these whole 'game' works. You put too much emphasis on...
  3. sph21

    She says I'm too quiet-how to fix this

    I was exactly like you. I didn't want to talk to others because I didn't have any interest in knowing other people. But I wanted to change that, so I practiced talking everything to anyone I could talk to. I also developed an understanding that I need to be interested in his/ her life so that I...
  4. sph21

    The Expressive Men - Spaz Insights

    Betul Tempat tinggalku jauh dari Jakarta. Mungkin lain waktu saat bisnisku sudah OK, kita bisa bertemu di Jakarta. Jika kamu ke Yogyakarta/ Jogja (it's the same city), kita mungkin bisa bertemu. Yogyakarta is full with beautiful places to visit.
  5. sph21

    The Expressive Men - Spaz Insights

    Hahaha. Aku tidak percaya kalau kamu masih ingat dengan aku. Akhir-akhir ini aku sibuk mengurusi Easter. So, it took me so long to reply. Aku selalu kesulitan untuk mencoba mencari tahu pada kuadran mana tempatku berada. Aku kira aku ada di Intellectuals tapi kurasa EQ-ku cukup tinggi. What do...
  6. sph21

    The Expressive Men - Spaz Insights

    I'm still not fully understand what you wrote. Does this explain why we have different ways of dealing with women and we must play to our strength by not deviating from our quadrant?
  7. sph21

    Is it something I am doing?

    I can't believe it. You were doing great when you kicked her out of your house. What I'm about to tell you is going to hut you a lot but it's better than what's about to come next if you maintain this relationship with her. Your problems started from your scarcity mindset. Another problem is...
  8. sph21

    Good dates but contact decreasing

    If you act like a friend, then you'll be treated like one. You texted her too much. Every girl loves to text to her female friends on daily basis. If you're acting like them by constantly texting her, then you're no different than her female friends. Instead, give her some space to miss you...
  9. sph21

    So I actually made myself approach a girl who was exactly my taste tonight

    This is your biggest problem: You've already found ways to sabotage the outcome. Just relax. If it goes according to your plans, then don't act overly excited about it. And if it goes against your plan, just flow like water. If you keep having this kind of mindset, every woman you date will...
  10. sph21

    Women dressing for sexual attention from others. How do we feel?

    Well, you have nothing to worry about. She's madly in love with you. Your assumption is correct. Non menopause women every month has a period where they are very fertile. Their most fertile period usually last for 5 days or a week. At times like this, they will dress very sexy to show the...
  11. sph21

    Devastated Me

    Just as marmel wrote earlier, you are too desperate. You value her looks above your own self worth. Do you think that she's like an angel sent from heaven? She's just a lucky girl who was born with nice face and body. That's it. Stop your daydreaming! Don't get a hot girl just because she's...
  12. sph21

    2nd time gf needs space

    Lots of great posts already and I'm late for the discussion. I'm glad that you broke up with her. Two months in and she needed space for the second time is quite bad. Now, if you want to be a better man, an alpha male if you'd like to call it, then you must learn from this experience. Don't...
  13. sph21

    How to handle the end?! Need advice :)

    Women are herd creatures. They influence each other. Your ex gf is no exception. Her decision to dump you was partially influenced by her close friends. Basically, you became boring. Women love to to feel anything except feeling bored. Desdinova wrote a very good post explaining it: The Inner...
  14. sph21

    Girlfriend takes forever to respond or ignores.

    She has a very low interest in your relationships. When a girl wants to make a distance with you without too obviously telling you of what she really wants, then this type of behavior is her default way of showing it. She hopes that you will understand it instinctively. “Judge by actions, not...
  15. sph21

    Chick said "i control guys"

    A girl who likes in control is not feminine. She is masculine. And if you're masculine, this relationship will not last for long. Are you trying to to save her from her own behaviors? If that's what you're trying to do, I suggest you, don't do it.
  16. sph21

    how my nice guyness somewhat ruined my life

    I admire your bluntness. It's not easy to admit what you did wrong in the past. It's a good thing. By recognizing your own AFC behavior, you are one step close in becoming a better person. My advice to you is to fix what you can fix right now. You don't have to start from big problem first...
  17. sph21

    Would This Creepy?

    You rejected her for so many times last summer and now you want to reignite her spark once more? This is gonna be a chance for you to understand that every woman's attraction has an expiry date. What you do to her will quicken or prolong it. What you're trying to do now is so lame (beta)...
  18. sph21

    A frustrating girl

    You weren't decisive enough. You let her lead the whole thing. Be proactive next time.
  19. sph21

    Being Cooler/Higher Status than Her.

    Hey @NSX-R, @Atom Smasher mentioned you as a good egg because it's the truth. He was being nice to you. He is wiser than you and probably he read "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. ____________________ Being a leader is a choice you make. It's not just about being in...
  20. sph21

    how to take care of this.

    She is undateable forever. You're asking for trouble. Stop trying to save her.