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  1. sph21

    Need help dealing with an angry girl

    I need help dealing with this girl. Long story short, we've been dating for 6 months now and last Sunday, I made a mistake over something I wrote on WhatsApp to her. She got mad and she is mad until now. Previously, we had a conversation while we were out to determine where to take this...
  2. sph21

    Nobody is perfect

    The dating world puts too much focus on how to attract women or how to get a girlfriend. Today I want to focus on how to avoid a bad relationship. When I was a newbie, I asked the wrong question: "how can I make her my girlfriend?". As you might have guessed it, this type of thinking had led me...
  3. sph21

    What's your take on being a stiff man?

    Today I asked a girl who has friendzoned me about what she thinks about me that I can improve upon. The conversation was in our local language. I'll try to write it in English as close as possible. Me: "since we're friends, I want to know about all the things that I can do to improve. What do...
  4. sph21

    Ended my dating with a girl for being a beta male

    I just wanna share my experience with you and to easy my pain. So, here goes: Today I ended my 3.5 months relationship with a girl. Lately I just realized that I'm still a beta when I let all my insecurities controled me. When I'm well aware of those, it's already too late. They made her...