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  1. markfromeurope

    Any advice for a painfully average guy?

    18 is painful age for most of us really if its going about girls your age. Money and top looks talk. Other than that and you can stick to your hobbies tbh. For average guy mojo at this age should be "disregard&aquire"
  2. markfromeurope

    High Value men don't use online dating.

    It's untrue, that's all.
  3. markfromeurope

    Want my ex gf back.

    I really don't know what were you counting on by going there alone.
  4. markfromeurope

    Seeing a cute 23-year-old virgin

    Be prepared for +/- 3 months od holding hands at least.
  5. markfromeurope

    Want my ex gf back.

    Dude, get over your dreams. She is spreading legs for someone for sure.
  6. markfromeurope

    Does anyone here actually have any positive stories about women

    Today I'm feeling absolutely tired after having sex with my 8/10 PhD student GF that's looking like russian sex bomb and is 7 years younger than me. She came 3 times really strong with my name in her lips saying I'm awesome, I look great, I smell great and I'm great lover. That's what you get...
  7. markfromeurope

    Engaging Before A First Date

    Setup a date in 3-4 days since asking question and just carry on with convo until that time (it shows you are really interested in her, because you should be if you want to meet her, right?) => No questions game required, just be positive, normal and really interested in getting to know her better.
  8. markfromeurope

    Not sure if this is the right forum. Mental wellbeing for a good guy

    Because it's impossible to hide this affliction in close and personal situation - amount of energy he put twice to fake feeling well costed him a lot - it's double amount of investment really - imagine amount of painkillers that guy took to have a decent weekend experience with his GF. I do...
  9. markfromeurope

    Not sure if this is the right forum. Mental wellbeing for a good guy

    If it's that serious, I'd be rather open about it really. There's a lot of women with caring personalities (some are great looking) - if he is handsome, he may find great woman. Otherwise he will send this upper-beta/lower alpha vibe that will scare some caring women off. Faking being Alpha all...
  10. markfromeurope

    Not sure if this is the right forum. Mental wellbeing for a good guy

    I can kind of understand this guy. I have really strong attacks of IBS sometimes (stress related), it literally feels like my guts are killing me. Any holidays together = I'm like "phuck". My ex couldn't handle it.
  11. markfromeurope

    Girl on Tinder asked me my height

    Guys, it's really that simple: Attitude: You are the prize Question you receive after a several so-so messages: What's your height? Your reply: Nothing. Ignore or Next ASAP. It's similar to situation where a HB8 or higher replies to your initial question to her (which should be rather long...
  12. markfromeurope

    Age May Matter for a Man when procuring young girls

    Well, 70 year old man can't really do much w/o Viagra. 30-something and 19 year old woman is a different story really. It was perfectly normal most of human history - same age relationships are idea that started around romanticsm era.
  13. markfromeurope

    She slept with my friend

    Congrats on Ex. Congrats on Friend.
  14. markfromeurope

    Some women want to be the smarter one

    What's so weird about it? I know a lot of guys that prefer to have strong intellectual advantage over woman - they usually get off on it hehe Women are pretty much the same - often you see small tiny blonde with big strong guy on the leash (meaning she is leading him not the other way around)...
  15. markfromeurope

    Is flirting with a woman first a lower value signal?

    Depends how long you do it before asking her out. Too long signals either: - he is afraid to ask me (wimp) - he is playing me (douchebag) If you are doing it, ask her out soon if IOI's are in order. If they are not, stop giving her interest for free.
  16. markfromeurope

    Girl on Tinder asked me my height

    You are doing it wrong OP and suffer from overanalysys-paralysys. First of all, if chick is REALLY interested in you SHE WON'T ASK YOUR HEIGHT. Explanation for it is simple, if she will ask you this question, either she is - just after LMS provider (and it's not a REAL interest) - she has...
  17. markfromeurope

    Hyper chase beta mode

    What about guys with lower amount of assets? Let's say I have mortgage on my apartment + older but nice looking car. I'm paying mortgage, still investing a bit into myself, need to pay bills etc. It leaves me with amount of money and time that allows me to: a)Comfortably date 1 chick with...
  18. markfromeurope

    My best friend got a very attactive female (he's 30 and she's 18)

    Amount of work to do and drama to manage coming from such a young woman... I'll pass.
  19. markfromeurope

    Why do women publicly shame their ex? And why do they do it more when they have a new man? And less when they are single?

    It's easy. He is ex because 'he wasn't good enough for her'. Truth is of no importance during courting process thus ex is always a wuss (betaized man that run from her or was left by her) sexual freak (he had high sexual drive and she either tried to barter her puss.y in relationship too much...
  20. markfromeurope

    Not confirming plans with females.

    If you would genuinely not care, you wouldn't post about it.