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  1. samspade

    If you were gay for a day...

    All right, this thread has gotten a little more mature. If there's one thing that annoys me, it's the injection of all things gay and/or homophobic into everyday conversations. It's a symptom of how far off the rails the west is - everything's a joke. Of course I can recognize a handsome man...
  2. samspade

    girls scared of too much masculinity

    There's a whole range of personalities among men who are successful with women. No need to over analyze. If you don't believe me, make a list of some of the greatest players in history and then think about their dispositions, at least insofar as we know about them. Hugh Hefner, very soft...
  3. samspade

    Do you believe there is life after death?

    I don't worry much about the afterlife. But I do like to think that those loved ones who have crossed over are looking after me. Whether that's true or not, it helps a man psychologically and spiritually, in my opinion. But otherwise we don't know, and the closest we've come is testimony from...
  4. samspade

    Any St. Louis Blues Fans Here

    Not a big NHL fan, but enjoy the series. I'm surprised they never went with Brett Hull back in the day. That's tough being surrounded by Chicago fans. Anyway, beat the Bruins, it's not like Boston needs any more championships right now. Before the Celtics were eliminated there was talk of them...
  5. samspade

    Wordpress banned Chateau Heartiste

    Random question...Is CH's real name James C. Weidmann? That's what came up when I was Googling the site.
  6. samspade

    Women’s morality and cheating

    Pretty much, but there's wide variation from person to person, even with women. I went from one female who would have been hard pressed to do it, to one who could (and probably did) easily rationalize it. I was able to get a read on both, and with the second I invested very very little until the...
  7. samspade

    Women’s morality and cheating

    Yup, nailed it. These days we call it rationalizing a bad decision, or just flat out denying it.
  8. samspade

    Women’s morality and cheating

    Let's look at it this way: It's really not your problem. She's making what she thinks are the best decisions for her, plain and simple. I don't know if she's thought through all the consequences, but she'll have to live with her decisions regardless. As for you, what bothers you - that she...
  9. samspade

    i disagree with tattoo hating

    Tattoos on women aren't my cup of tea, but it's increasingly hard to find an adult female without at least one. So I'm not going to make it a dealbreaker. However, I don't want one.
  10. samspade

    Got banned from Roosh Forum

    I've never had an account on the Rooshv forums. "Triggered" is a pretty common term; OP is forum speak for Original Poster or Original Post and has been in use for many years. (Or am I missing some sarcasm?)
  11. samspade

    Scarlett Johansson just got engaged

    Good points...I always have thought, well yeah ScarJo is hot, but there are non-celebrity hot women everywhere. But what do I know? If I were a celebrity, it would probably be tempting to try to plant my flag in high profile women for all the reasons you mentioned. I do wonder how many of these...
  12. samspade

    Scarlett Johansson just got engaged

    Where does it say this on Sosuave? Company bylaws? Hollywood marriages are usually publicity-driven. Also, just because a guy is a minor celebrity with money in the bank doesn't mean he's learned a lick of game or anything red pill. Look at Johnny Carson, king of late night, how many damned...
  13. samspade

    Got banned from Roosh Forum

    OP, you got a little triggered by the first response, but then that guy took things south in a hurry with his bottom shelf words. One thing I like about SS is the mods and members will usually point out if you've made an error and help fix it rather than saying "fukk you f@ggot troll." Like...
  14. samspade

    Does anyone here actually have any positive stories about women

    Lol, yeah, sounds like low interest to me...
  15. samspade

    Does anyone here actually have any positive stories about women

    You said a mouthful. There's a lot of ego-protection on Sosuave. But it's too be expected, if people are coming here to learn how to improve, they probably were burned or hurt previously. That is to say, they didn't succeed with women, and it hurt their ego. Almost every woman I've been with...
  16. samspade

    The wall is real, y’all

    Well, that was dumb. Stop doing that.
  17. samspade

    Laura Loomer was banned from Facebook, paid Zucky's castle a visit

    You could wait for that to happen, too. :lol:
  18. samspade

    Laura Loomer was banned from Facebook, paid Zucky's castle a visit

    Easy fix: Don't use platforms whose principles clash with yours.