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  1. kbbroiler1971

    blue pill friend goes bye bye by me and I set the terms

    For a while I had this blue pill friend whom I still was in contact with over Facebook. I know a lot of people do not like Facebook but I don't obess over it like some people. Anyways, for years me and this guy have been back and forth about political views, LTR views, and sometimes religion...
  2. kbbroiler1971

    I Need an Alpha Mindset

    My bad I read your original post but not the rest. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Anyways it sounds in that area you are on the right track. The one thing with the ghosting thing. She will wonder about you and might use mutual friends of hers to see what you are up too. I know in my case my ex...
  3. kbbroiler1971

    Knee friendly squat substitutions?

    Okay guys my advice for anyone knee that grinds and make noises get it checked out as soon as you can. My story at 46 I had to get a total knee replacement. For years I knew my knee was bad. Now I knew at age 35 what my family doctor told me I might have to have a knee replacement right there...
  4. kbbroiler1971

    I Need an Alpha Mindset

    Okay the first thing you need to do is to start feeling good about yourself again. You never mentioned this but I assume you do not work out. The first thing you need to do if you haven't already join a gym and start lifting weights. The key to spinning plates is first to look like alpha on the...
  5. kbbroiler1971

    Tom Leykis & Rollo Tomassi

    Yes and no because one thing that people forget is the radio industry went south when Howard Stern left terrestrial radio. It affected everyone who was a talent on the radio including Tom. The thing with Tom on the radio and where it was effective is anyone could tune in and so you would have...
  6. kbbroiler1971

    Tom Leykis & Rollo Tomassi

    There are similarities between Tom and Rollo. First, they both have saved lives. Men have thought of suicide and heard Tom and read Rollo's books which brought them back. Also another important note. Tom started it all. Tom was talking about this stuff in the mid 90's before there was a...
  7. kbbroiler1971

    Plate comes over, refuses sex so I sent her packing

    For women you say you only want me for sex I tell them that's your audition. You claim you are different and a cool chick. Start ****ing and sucking or get the **** out. I start up and tell women for me to get in deep with a woman it's all about her performance in bed. If they aren't down, bye...
  8. kbbroiler1971

    Why are Women always so pressed to get married?

    Well the thing is the attention factor. I'm not sure if this has happened in your life but have you ever notice married women at a wedding (guests) will complain about something or other that might draw attention? It could be the seating arrangement or the food, at the reception or maybe...
  9. kbbroiler1971

    Why are Women always so pressed to get married?

    Three things women crave. Their sweet 16. The prom and then to get married. It is all because they want to attention to be on them. It is so funny by your description because in reality they don't care who is there as long as they can provide money/security.
  10. kbbroiler1971

    Can't take girls seriously after red pill.

    For me I just don’t believe them anymore. It’s been a long while I felt any connection with women and I’ve had sex with some of them.
  11. kbbroiler1971

    So I'm done with women in FWB's

    After 3 weeks into the new year the APA, the Gillette commercial, seeing all the toxic comments on Twitter by women and men backing them, then the women's march today and all the hate signs there, I'm done. I was done with LTR's long before but was open to FWB. The comments, hate and demonizing...
  12. kbbroiler1971

    Girlfriend met Ex boyfriend.

    Okay. I'm always concerned when an ex opens a door for another ex just from my past experience. It's like emotional cheating regardless if anything happened or not. It's just the drama element that is going on also. Women feed off drama. They'll say they don't but the truth is they do. I'm not...
  13. kbbroiler1971

    Preventing oneitis

    Also another important fact to remember. Women can cry a good game. You have to remember they are emotional so they can cry at will for anything. So don't be fooled by tears. Now I'm talking about if any of these women want to eventually be exclusive. Women are not sincere about feelings towards...
  14. kbbroiler1971

    Dating an woman in her 40's

    To answer your question. Yes most of them are this way on dating sites. Do you know how many times I've been asked what my intentions are right off? These women who ****ed up with their own life are trying to rope men in to saving them. I'm very straight forward with women over 40. I tell them...
  15. kbbroiler1971

    To Those Spending Christmas Alone

    Okay, I know this post is well past Christmas Day but this year was the first time I was able to go to the gym and work out. Fit4Less locations are always open. Then I came home talked to a friend for about 45 mins. Then after I did something I should not have done. I read an article days before...
  16. kbbroiler1971

    Older Woman Wants me to be More Open

    Single mom and divorced twice. Of course, she wants you to be open with her. She wants validation and reassurance. However, you do know dating a woman who has been married two times is a huge red flag. Also, how does she talks about her exes? I bet she trashes them. That's another red flag. If...
  17. kbbroiler1971

    survey: Half of Women Have a “Plan B” Guy If Their Relationship Goes Bad

    Okay, I've read articles that stated 50% but I believe that number is larger. I'm not saying 100% but I would say 80 to 90% of women have a backup plan. They have too many guys talking to them offering them **** as Chris Rock would say.
  18. kbbroiler1971

    Caught girlfriend cheating just now.

    No poem. Disappear without a trace. The only reason you are compelled to do this is that of your ego. Silence is better than leaving any evidence.
  19. kbbroiler1971

    Rollo is right

    Being a man is a never-ending work in progress. To achieve greatness it is in the mindset 365/24/7 366 on leap years but you get my point.
  20. kbbroiler1971

    I really wish I never tried online dating you guys

    Okay this is the problem with online dating which every guy will have a problem with. Online dating gives women a false validation of their value. It's because they have 500 guys messaging them so women think they are in demand. Then this even includes the bottom feeders like single mothers and...