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  1. Spaz

    Women who listen to cartoons

    I wonder if Alita the battle angel is considered an anime film, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Won't say the same about pocahontas and such.
  2. Spaz

    Never report to a woman, ever.

    Americans should count their blessings that Hillary was not voted in.
  3. Spaz

    Why did Japanese surrender 22 days after nuclear bombings?

    Thanks, I think I'll look it up when I drop by the bookstore. Each time Japan builds something, you can bet the Koreans will soon follow up even when they're supposedly on the same team. Even that small Korean flattop is named after the dokko islands, a bunch of useless rocks that has both...
  4. Spaz

    6s Always lose interest

    Don't be preoccupied with details and numbers/ratings. If they're beautiful, just fvck, if not then don't.
  5. Spaz

    Game of Thrones

    Agreed. Looks like they'll be some spin-off series. Clever play by the producers.
  6. Spaz

    Never report to a woman, ever.

    Makes me wonder, how is it that some countries voted in female leaders..
  7. Spaz

    Single moms

    If she's not important or not within ur radar then stop posting about her. Now hush.
  8. Spaz

    Single moms

    Well she's not going online making threads about you whilst you are. Again I ask, why r u interested in her? Did she spurned ur advances?
  9. Spaz

    Single moms

    You seem preoccupied with her so much so you needed to create a thread about her and then keep on harping about her issues. Why are you so invested in this single mom ?
  10. Spaz

    Dimepiece gf wants expensive gift

    Desperation drives a man to do stupid things. And if you do gift it to her, you're just sealed ur fate as a garbage that's about to be dumped in the trash. If I were you, I'll tell her off and then I'll qualify her back; since there's a ton of young sexy beautiful women out there, what makes...
  11. Spaz

    Location seems to be a critical factor rarely acknowleged here

    Murkserious does well in London. Doesn't matter if there's a disparity in male to female ratio. There's still a huge number of women in London. There's a vast number of opportunities present and a man must be geared to take advantage of it. Whining doesn't help.
  12. Spaz

    Single moms

    You sound jealous.
  13. Spaz

    Location seems to be a critical factor rarely acknowleged here

    From the way u r projecting, it almost seems like Londoner's don't fvck or go on dates. But they do don't they. Probably more then a million men are fvcking on a given night in London. It just ain't you. So it's not London. It's you.
  14. Spaz

    Hypergamy In Action

    Hahaha I too prefer them fair rather then those dark skinned isaan girls. Fairer Bangkok girls are highly educated, cultured and refined. Go on a date with a hiso girl and a whole different world opens up. While those dark skinned girls r unrefined, crass, loud and downright disgusting with...
  15. Spaz

    Making a woman happy?

    Women's happiness is fleeting once her man resides and plays within the rules of the feminine imperative. Think of it this way, a pleasing man is like a handbag, today you are Louis Vuitton and many women wants you. A highly sought after man. And yes she's truly happy to latch on to you...
  16. Spaz

    Age May Matter for a Man when procuring young girls

    Exactly. But those average clueless men are being cuck around by their own wives or girlfriend's simply because they're easy targets, being simplified and reduced into sheeps by the very women they love. The irony is, just the mere mention of polygamy will receive flak from some soyboy goody...
  17. Spaz

    Better OLD sites than POF?

    I actually advocate this too. I've nothing against men who does well on OLD, more power to them but there seems an over emphasis on it. There's actually more benefits meeting women outside of OLD, keeps the hands on approach and interactions polished plus you get the chance to screen them...
  18. Spaz

    Skiing the slippery slope

    In real life I actually use all of those and maybe more to ANY women I deem worthy. ANY = Women I interact with and not necessarily confined to a romantic interest on my part, she could be a customer, my secretary, the girl that regularly makes my coffee at Starbucks etc. It's said at the...
  19. Spaz

    Pending Divorce/Starting to Date: When Should I Bring It Up?

    Yeah. You should. Offering up ur personal problems is kinda needy, often deemed as seeking approval. Dont go down that road man. Let her seek ur approval. That's the right play. You need shift the power to you instead of her.
  20. Spaz

    I acted like her gay friend on the date

    It's been a number of years since I last visited Seoul. I noticed that women there ages really well even those well into their 40's, hardly any wrinkles, with even pleasant personalities to boot. I regularly mistaken women in their 40's as late 20's or early 30's haha But my time there was...