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    When you reach a certain level of success on SS

    You're only looking at the pawn. Look at the chess board. I'm spreading a message.
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    When you reach a certain level of success on SS

    It's very simple. Moderators don't understand the rules. But we all know it's deeper than rules itself. Egos. I'll use Poon King as an example, his notoriety and popularity is bound to spark hidden hatred and create enemies between members of the community. Once you reach a level of...
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    Why are all the Legends banned from this site?

    But why isn't users like Tenacity not banned from this site? He instigates the fights all the time. PK doesn't deserve a permanent ban. Period. He provided nothing but intellectual knowledge to the community and had people like Tenacity who changes his opinions all the time about different...
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    Have you ever gotten into a physical fight with a woman in your life?

    Yes unfortunately. My BPD ex and I when we were living together started out great then she started to use her manipulation tactics and wanted to argue and nag all the time until one day I came home stressed as hell and she choose that day to mess with me and I lost it. The interesting thing is...
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    Is there a reason behind this or?

    Yes. Good job.
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    Wife Leaves Husband Of 22 Years Cause He Was "Thinking Of Voting Trump"

    Smooth said it best, interested women tend to adopt your frame. You ignore my advice, you ignore poonking advice and yet you still b**ch and complain that you're still at step 1 because you refuse to accept the truth. Frame is everything. There is no cartoon character bs about it. If a man...
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    Wife Leaves Husband Of 22 Years Cause He Was "Thinking Of Voting Trump"

    And this is coming from a non confident codependent black man who has trouble/tired of hooking up with damaged goods. There is no outrage, my frame is very strong. You need to place a very strong frame from the beginning. You've been here longer than me but yet haven't learned anything. When I...
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    Wife Leaves Husband Of 22 Years Cause He Was "Thinking Of Voting Trump"

    This is bs, she obviously was thinking about this for a while. But hold up, when females (black or white) bring up this politics bs (which is always a convo now a days) I always say I voted Trump, that never turns them off, it makes them more interested in you. I believe it actually turns them...
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    I'm done with dating

    I can feel your anger, so much so that you went as far to comment on my post with a poor representation of me. I feel pity for such users on this site. It's a shame.. more disappointing really.
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    I'm done with dating

    You should be awarded as the biggest master baitor on this site. :up:
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    I'm done with dating

    Wait a minute, from everything I've said that's what stuck out the most to you? It applies to both parties but I guess that makes me a cult leader too now.
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    I'm done with dating

    Now you're providing no substance or an argument to defend your views. You again, are throwing your tantrums like it's going to get your somewhere. It's very disappointing. "You don't like the way I say things so I'll ridicule you for it" Weak people do this. Why? Because I highlight my...
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    I'm done with dating

    No, as a man you should seek your own happiness and accomplish your own goals. You're stuck on the premeditated notion that a women or a person will provide you with your own happiness and that's co-dependency. As a man you should live out your own dreams never putting a women beyond your own...
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    Why is POF being ignored as a plate tool?

    POF happens to be a very good site to build every part of game you lack, even if it's with emotionally unstable women. It makes you more aware of how these women behave which will make a better conclusive choice when you find a decent women who doesn't present red flags. I've slept with 8 women...
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    I'm done with dating

    Hmmm.. You provide no substance in the conversation but I admire the envy you have for this man. You're using your own experience as a way to justify that all men will act the same way you did, and that's just false. No man will get tired of sex if all he seeks for is sex from a women while he...
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    Fvck corey wayne

    I can't even believe people listen to that fool, he talks like a chump.. his energy and vibe gives out weakness in a man
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    How ron explain to a plate that "were just casual right now".

    This is really the biggest dilemma guys with plates face. The inevitable moment of her asking to be exclusive and when you're not looking for that, the plate breaks. There has to be a davinci code to decypher this dilemma. There's got to be a way because every time I get into this moment it only...
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    My girlfriend of 9 months asked me if I loved her last night and I said....

    I agree with this, the more time passes she will consider more about ending the "relationship", she might even start playing games with you to see how you react. Most definitely actually. I would continue being yourself and holding frame but also looking out for major signs of change or game...
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    Morals will lose you the game.

    That's the mindset I have, I lost once and I'll do everything in the book to never lose again. All I want to do is win. No matter the consequences, I'm always leaning toward dark Machiavellian strategies and sociopathic tendencies because it works.
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    Having problem escalating sexually

    If people are easily attracted to you then you're doing something right with your communication, use that form of communication to escalate things sexually, by flirting or subtle talk. The fact that it doesn't come of naturally to you that you can't bring a girl home or makes you feel...