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    King of the FriendZone

    OK so he's an ugly guy that doesn't get laid. What exactly is surprising here?
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    King of the FriendZone

    He's good looking but is a pvssy. Aka he doesn't push the interaction toward sex
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    "All my losses were lessons.."

    We aren't breezy bro. We are predators. We fvck then we chuck. If she curves you again tell her to piss off. Then hit her up whenever you want to see her again. Wash and repeat until it works or she ignores you
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    Anatomy of a Shvt Test + The Answer

    Life is based on looks. The better you look, the higher you are on the totem pole of life. There are substitutions for looks such as money, body, personality, and power. The best alternative is power, but it still falls pathetically short compared to looks. Why? Short answer: Looks equate to...
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    I Feel Contempt For Fat People

    Speaking from the perspective of the sought after, you seem to have been born ugly and recently became good looking. All of my friends and females that I deal with are jerks to uglier people. No one cares. Not even the uglies. Let the contempt take over you and rise higher in life. Power is...
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    Photos for dating?

    Back from hiatus. I have a few pics online and my most popular one is one where I'm just chilling on a couch. Be sure to look directly into the camera. Notice how I'm slightly out of shape. Chick's still say my body is heaven
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    Alpha Bounce - How to dance

    User has removed the link
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    Does Anyone Post Field Reports or Lay Reports?

    I saw your post and just had to login. If you want to see some ruthless shvt, check out my previous posts. I had to leave this site some time ago due to the fact that this place is a bit too watered down.
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    POF Favorite Bot - Get Laid via Online Dating (No programming knowledge needed)

    Pof makes it a bit of a challenge to automate messages. What other dating site do u use
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    POF Favorite Bot - Get Laid via Online Dating (No programming knowledge needed)

    Cold approaching is my bread and butter. I approach incessantly and without hesitation, but lately I have been hearing a lot about online dating. I checked it out and realized that it would start taking too much time away from my cold approaching if i used it regularly so I decided to automate...
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    Your gut is all you have

    My gut told me to read through a few threads on here and what I gather is that many posters here aren't that good with women and/or are socially inept. I sense a lot of racism too. This isn't the place for me. If you want to learn real game, come to my blog. www.icecoldtruths.blogspot.com
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    Your gut is all you have

    Have you ever met someone that would give their life for you - or are you able to realize that you would be hard pressed to find anyone that would even come close to doing so? Your gut is all you have and it'll lead you to your best self. There's no one in this world that will protect you at...
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    Should I bang this girl?

    Skip the fatty - unless you can see yourself getting her pregnant. Lol Be direct, be bold, and laugh in the face of rejection. When you see a hot chick, don't think. Let your feet carry you to her and say whatever pops up into your mind first. Own whatever comes out of your mouth. 95 percent...
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    Seems interested but does not initiate

    It used to be kind of annoying years ago. Nowadays I don't notice iois or anything like that m because if I see a chick I like I walk right up to her regardless of the situation. The only thing I take into consideration is how she reacts when I roll up on her
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    Need professional help on this tricky approach - Calling on all DJ's

    The wording of option 1 seems kinda awkward. The wording of option 2 seems a little forced. Seems like you want to avoid being obvious and approach her with some sort of tact. I say be obvious/kill any plausible deniability, walk right up to her, and tell her to type her number in your phone...
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    My mom went OFF on me LMAO

    My mom thinks I treat women like dirt lol She adores me and is unable to hide it
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    Post Date with a nice girl - how'd I do?

    Congrats, it takes huge bvlls to blow a set out by being too forward
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    Do you think catcalling should be part of street game?

    I catcall if she's too far away. Then I motion her to me if she looks my way