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  1. homie

    The mind game thread

    Maybe that's a girls who is playing games with you :)
  2. homie

    The mind game thread

    Good thread. I would say that most things written above are not really mind games, just basic manipulation. What I do sometimes is acting ignorant. Great post, but I would put #4 first. That's how it is done - I act like there is no game. IOI's - I don't get them, sh1t tests - I ignore them...
  3. homie

    Today i hit 30 days of NoFap

    I believe there is no difference. Both are just artificial stimulations. No matter what appeals most, both work the same way. That creates a strong addiction.
  4. homie

    Are women more racist and political than men?

    I'd say they are generally less logical and more emotional, so they tend to argue more about politics and their other views and principles, like they mean something, and the dumber person is, the more arrogant and intolerant they are in general.
  5. homie

    Is it true that BPD = just low attraction

    When I first came to this forum, I was amused by all the topics about bpd women. Like everyone was dating half-insane girls wtf :rolleyes:
  6. homie

    How to talk more without coming over as forced?

    That's great advice! I used to talk really fast back then and sometimes understood that without proper articulation my words didn't make sence even to myself. Idea of slowing down is great itself. When I began to work on my social skills, I was really high-strung, I thought it was ok because I...
  7. homie

    I have an interesting issue...

    It's just an addiction. That's a bit broscience article, but the point is clear. If you want to learn more, read about dopamine and how it affects our brians. It works the same with sex/fap and drugs and pretty much everything we do. I've had a same issue before, this unhealthy desire for sex...
  8. homie

    Sun light made a new me its a miracle

    I love sunbathing more than anything else because of that My dream is to move to place where it's sunny all year round
  9. homie

    Opinion on my body proportions

    Damn you are good, man. Great physique. As for IOI's, maybe you don't dress well, try wearing something nice and catchy, it actually helps more than muscles (as I noticed, girls don't really dig that), not to mention your attitude and all that.
  10. homie

    Wrist pain during workouts

    You can add some bodyweight movements like handstands for extended periods of time, hangs on the bar and chinups when you use an underhand grip and at the top point you additionally squeeze the wrist joint along with this curling movement, I hope I expressed understandably :rolleyes:
  11. homie

    Which one do you think is the best job to fake to turn on a girl?

    That's not a very smart thing to say to a random girl whether it's true or not
  12. homie

    Looks like they're starting to figure it out; Fox News says most men only want a woman who's nice.

    OK :( Who else worries about being right person for somebody else?
  13. homie

    LOOKS and a FUN personality over Money, Power and Status

    Thanks, sugar (no homo) ;):D
  14. homie

    Looks like they're starting to figure it out; Fox News says most men only want a woman who's nice.

    Mr. Nice Guy? You know, the one that never gets laid.
  15. homie


    What do ypu mean by presence? If this is a spiritual act I would like to discuss, if it's about you getting attentoin, then yes looks posture, maybe even nofap lol, they help obviously
  16. homie

    Instagram model posts on r/RoastMe, gets annihilated and deletes her account

    Laughed like never before :rofl::rofl: I'll memorize that
  17. homie

    Routine for shoulders?

    Never done them. Shrugs are good, yes, but HSPUs work your traps as well, face pulls and especially upright rows are kind of unnatural movements for me
  18. homie

    Routine for shoulders?

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press Front Barbell Raise Side Lateral Raise Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise Handstand Pushups That's all you will ever need