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  1. Gamisch

    Western Civilization Is Doomed

    Every chad(lite) has had his fair share of women to be ashamed for. I remember hitting a whale because it was the easiest thing available. Really embarrassing, but back then i figured I'd "better"(rather) feck her before paying 150 (new nike air max) to get my D wet for 5 minutes ... But...
  2. Gamisch

    What to focus on in the coming year?

    This. The dance is over. Acceptance is key. OP needs to realize that IF he gets a woman most of his REAL problems will only begin.
  3. Gamisch

    Things got a bit out of control, and now I have to decide...?

    I dont necessarily think that all men choose for this .. Very often it will be a desperate attempt to keep her around. 1.She'll openly confesses that she wants to see other dudes. Seen this A LOT. But dude lives so much in scarcity that he refuses to leave her . 2. She already cheated. In...
  4. Gamisch

    What's all the hate with the travel bros?

    Seems like you're going through a rough time, and I sincerely hope you will feel better soon. Local conditions might be different from place to place, yet the Western hemisphere also has his own challenges. Plenty of them actually . I would most definitely "buy" myself a loyal and nice...
  5. Gamisch

    What's all the hate with the travel bros?

    Nope. No where on planet earth by the way. The world gets smaller each day. Women in India know the same as women in Columbia. If you struggle with them there's an internal problem you gotta take care off. Its a HUGE gamble. Its something every man must be aware of. And let me tell ya...
  6. Gamisch

    Article: It’s true: owning a flashy car does make you more attractive

    But this might be the case for like 70% to even 90% of men. Now in this case the definition of a gold digger is up for debate. The Instagram model who dates a Liverpool player ( random xyz example) , wouldn't acknowledge the same man's existence if he worked the register at Subway. On a...
  7. Gamisch

    Can't afford hooker, never had relationship and I don't use dating apps .am i doomed?

    This basically 1. You cant get women but you got some talent/ intelligence/nerdy tendencies. 2. You are a "player" who placed all his chips on women. You didn't made much money but you got tons of experiences. 3 you manage to put it together. You get the best of both worlds 4 you are a...
  8. Gamisch

    Watch how Finding girls is in 2023 (VIDEO)

    That was the worst approach ever. If you don't wanna end up like this study game(aka LIFE). Filming yourself doing this and even uploading it means you have some mental issues.
  9. Gamisch

    40, very much a cat mom, doesn't want kids, didn't date on her 30s

    You might as well go for this. This seems like a more realistic option. Just don't expect it to last forever. If anything, don't underestimate the amount of options that such a woman has.
  10. Gamisch

    Thank you. Been saying for years I am a artist at every job I am doing.

    Thank you. Been saying for years I am a artist at every job I am doing.
  11. Gamisch

    Investing and stocks for dummies

    I am fairly unfamiliar with this indeed. But I also sense that I am severely missing out. I'd say I rather learn about it asap. I geusss I'll start with an automated system , and yet use some money to speculate. Great comment about inexperienced vs seasoned investors .
  12. Gamisch

    My last farewell post on sosuave

    Her son is her son-husband . At this point he is replacing the role of the previous "man of the house". That's just how women operate. My daughter is forming a sisterhood with her mother, despite the fact that she would be better off with me. Its ,agian, just how women roll... You are far from...
  13. Gamisch

    Investing and stocks for dummies

    I wanna start investing. But, Where do i start? Some things that I am contemplating;( please correct me if i am wrong) 1. Pick out gaints. McDonald's, coca cola ect. 2. Pick out up and coming companies 3. Stick with known investors such as sp500 types of companies 4. Get automated...
  14. Gamisch

    My last farewell post on sosuave

    I believe that he is truly heartbroken and stunned. He just needs to accept the fact that he's no longer her priority. As he described himself, having the wrong attitude and priorities and picking the wrong battles ( such as not being career minded) doesn't work when you want to keep women...
  15. Gamisch

    Stuck in (absent) career

    **disclaimer!!** I am gonna be hard on you!! You need tp wake the F up. Right now you aren't in the position to pick "fun jobs ". You aint 22 anymore. You started this training program with a clear goal. The goal was to get a steady income and to fill up the hole in your resume. Simply...
  16. Gamisch

    My last farewell post on sosuave

    after a while you'll learn that No contact indeed pulls her back. Its an ( unwanted)side effect like getting fat from eating cake. You CAN apply it as a tactic, but if you haven't truly moved on she'll hurt you exponentially more the next time.
  17. Gamisch

    escorts vs civvies

    Few takes some people tend to miss . Why? Because prostitution is (rightfully so) stigmatized. The latter keeps both men and women away from" the dark side". It does prove that sex for men is just as if not more of a mental thing than it is to women. exempli gratia: 1. You might want a...
  18. Gamisch

    Men Should Stay On Dating Apps Even When In An LTR

    I bet that most men older than 35 never been with women through Instagram. https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/late-bloomers-how-did-you-internalize-being-the-prize.280118/#post-3077490 This thread kinda shows why "top tier"dudes are still chasing your girl. Very few men really believe...
  19. Gamisch

    Late bloomers, how did you internalize being the prize?

    @soulforge said something about this today as well. This gentlemen, is why "top tier" men are after your girl. And why she gets dms from men "out of her league ". Because most men started out as a ugly duckling and worked their way up to a SEEMINGLY top tier man. But internally they'll still...
  20. Gamisch

    My last farewell post on sosuave

    Because you kept going on about her bro. I already gave you props that you are very honest, and provide the forum with golden nuggets on how detrimental a break up can be. You keep resetting your own pain. If you are smart you write this year off completely, and start 2024 tomorrow morning...