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  1. Mr. Focus

    Cold approach...Do you even?

    I feel like women are more happy these days to get a cold approach. It's really so rare these days, that I feel a women is pleasantly surprised about it, especially day game.
  2. Mr. Focus

    Got this girls number 2-3 days ago. Sent her a text today

    Honestly, I don't even text. I feel like calling is the best way. Being on the phone, maybe a little small talk at first (hey this is richard from wherever, what's up?), but after that I'm usually pretty direct about setting a date on the phone.
  3. Mr. Focus

    Current Plate Pushing For A Relationship?

    A 6/10? Eh bro, not worth it. Keep spinning her until she drops, then oh well. You'll get more.
  4. Mr. Focus

    25 and still no girlfriend but I am not socially awkward and far from ugly looking

    I smile a lot by nature, it works with me. C0cky/funny can work well with a smile if you can manage it right. Anyway, as for OP's original post: Just chill man, go with the flow, there's nothing amazing about being in a relationship. If you're not fvcking by the 3rdish date, and there isn't...
  5. Mr. Focus


    Yes bro, hell yes. Great post. I'm 3-4 weeks out of a 3 year LTR and got my first lay last night. I'm 20, and always kind of had a good look going on and my chit together, but I could never take advantage of it in an LTR. Learning so much everyday. Action is key. C0cky, funny, arrogantness...
  6. Mr. Focus

    I have 9 Tinder matches. Now what?

    So you just invite yourself over to their place, huh? Work well for you? How do you go about it?
  7. Mr. Focus

    I have 9 Tinder matches. Now what?

    Okay... obviously. Same thing here. You're not just going to get them to agree to fvck. The date is just what gets you to actually see them in person so you can unleash your game and get the lay.
  8. Mr. Focus

    I have 9 Tinder matches. Now what?

    Tinder works if you have good pics and just know what you're doing. Don't have fvcking long ass conversations on tinder. 5-6 messages, then ask for a quick date to coffee or some ****. Set the date, ask for the number, I'll drop you a line blablabla and OVER. You will now only contact them an...
  9. Mr. Focus

    Looking at OLD and seeing the same old..

    Tinder isn't that bad if you know what you're doing. Some good pics, be at least a 7/10 and good shape. You should be able to get some matches and dates then.
  10. Mr. Focus

    Good follow up dates? For optimal progression?

    So what do you guys usually do for a 2nd and 3rd date? (I'm 20 if that matters). Looking for a date that creates optimal progression towards banging. My first date was a cup of coffee, walk around the city, initiate kino, sit in the park and go for the kiss. Went well. Been 2 days, now time...
  11. Mr. Focus

    Hobbies to meet HOTTIES

    They really fkin the photographers? I'm a photographer, although I've never specialized in shooting any kind of portraits, kind of thought it was boring.. but I can definitely spruce up some skills if need be.
  12. Mr. Focus

    My mom went OFF on me LMAO

    Also it's not like I'm saying "I'm f'ing all these bitches blablabla". I've just said, "no more relationships for me! I've seen 3 girls this week! Never felt better, no marriage for me for YEARS :)". Which made her go off hahaha.
  13. Mr. Focus

    My mom went OFF on me LMAO

    It happened LOL. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut about stuff I learn and do, especially around my family. It's a problem I've had.
  14. Mr. Focus

    My mom went OFF on me LMAO

    I love plate spinning, never felt better
  15. Mr. Focus

    My mom went OFF on me LMAO

    So... I'm 20, maybe I've been a little tooo vocalizing with my new redpill mindset and beliefs at home... I knew it was a bad idea, but just can't help sharing when you start learning about a new world hahaha. Also recently broke up with my girl of 3 years. She's a pretty Christian Eastern...
  16. Mr. Focus

    Hobbies to meet HOTTIES

    Tips for this? I'm 20 and I don't go to a college. I work full time and work on my business. Sometimes I contemplate moving in the middle of a college town, working all day, and going wild at night.
  17. Mr. Focus

    I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    I did feel an immense sense of relief, the whole day was joyous for me, I was singing in my car and chit, thinking about the future I opened up for myself. Two days later though, and I don't know.. I'm not feeling as good as I was.
  18. Mr. Focus

    I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    I've broken up with her a couple times before, the break ups obviously didn't last long though. I've usually done it out of frustration, but she knew I was having problem's knowing if I wanted to commit to her or not. Thinking of marriage and moving in together stressed the **** out of me. I...
  19. Mr. Focus

    I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    When I think about this though, I just imagine the women getting with you for the security, and later, banging some younger dude behind your back once you're 60+ and you basically just die with no true companion. I feel like you'll never have that connection as you had with your high school...
  20. Mr. Focus

    I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    That's what I'm afraid of dude, I kind of just entered panic mode a couple hours ago. Now I'm thinking about all the good qualities about her and I'm really ****ing with myself. Always excited to be with me, loyal. And the things I was annoyed about seem superficial now, cusses too much, never...