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  1. Redzky

    Lay Report: Korean Waitress from Stripclub

    Hey everyone, So I met this Korean Waitress at a stripclub awhile back. She seemed nice when I first met her. She was cute, had a great body and right off the bat we hit it off. It was pretty sound at first, I saw her walk by while I was sitting and pulled her close to sit on my lap while we...
  2. Redzky

    Field report including LTR cheat girl and more - rate my game (learning everyday)

    Her bf obviously doesn't make her happy if she cheats - she just doesn't want to hurt him because he's a "nice guy". I deal with this BS a lot too. Yea, avoid being needy; remember be the buyer, not the seller. Other than that and getting too drunk, looks like you played it well. Props!
  3. Redzky

    Lay Report: Arkansas American Girl

    Only in bed :D
  4. Redzky

    Lay Report: Arkansas American Girl

    I met this lady awhile back and have to say that it was quite the experience. I managed to scoop her up with one of My Russian friends and it was a pleasant time for the most part. She had a friend with her, that was a little more curvy, but she was a little older. I do appreciate curvy women...
  5. Redzky

    FIRST DATE RAPPORT - Is she playing games?

    You have to be patient with her. Probably more than it's worth. Women like this usually have some childhood trauma - probably molestation or sexual assault. She wants a gentleman or a guy that will go out of his way. She wants you to invest 180% while she only gives 20%. I had a couple of girls...
  6. Redzky

    LAY REPORT: Colombian chick from Pacha

    Yea, good point. I don't that anymore haha.
  7. Redzky

    Field rapport - layed but the comments from her???

    Nice job handling the LMR. Reminds me of when I was a kid and use to bring girls back to my place while my mom was city on the couch watch television haha.
  8. Redzky

    Lay Report: Hot Blonde Russian

    Lay Report: Hot Blonde Russian So here I'm back again to boast about another notch in the bed-post. This girl is among some of the cutest females that I've slept with so far and it almost didn't even happen. I actually met this girl on a week-night, I believe it was a Tuesday and she didn't...
  9. Redzky

    Lay-Report: French-American Girl

    Thanks everyone!
  10. Redzky

    Lay-Report: French-American Girl

    Ok now this girl isn't even from France, I just remember her telling me that she has some French heritage in conversation. She is actually from Cali and just finished up going to school up by where I live and was interning to become a teacher. I won't say where she goes to school for her own...
  11. Redzky

    Lay Report: Sexy Turkish Girl

    So here is a nice hook-up that I am actually still in touch with to this day. I am not going to go into detail, but this girl is super uninhibited and among the best sex I've had. I was surprised, because I've been on 2 other dates with other Turkish women that happened to be Muslim. They didn't...
  12. Redzky

    Countries where Asian and Brown guys can do well with women in (my experience)

    Outside the U.S. I've been to Japan; Osaka and Tokyo. In my experience Tokyo is the easiest to meet local Jgirls. Just hit up the British HUB bars in Shinjuku. It was harder for me, since I don't speak the language, but managed to hookup with 4 different women in a month. 2 were Asian but not...
  13. Redzky

    Lay Report: Sexy Polish/American Girl From CT

    This is a little damsel I took down awhile back and she was among one of the funnest lays I've had. She let me do everything I wanted and I loved it. To start off, I met her randomly at a pool-hall that I frequent. Those of you that know me probably know exactly where I'm talking about and...
  14. Redzky

    Lay Report: Irish Bartender

    Alright, I'm back with another fun experience to share. This time it's with an Irish girl that I met at some Irish Speak-easy that I go to sometimes. I had a decent time with this girl and enjoyed the whole process with her. The reason I enjoyed it was because she was very respectful and...
  15. Redzky

    Lay Report: Sexy Italian girl from Westchester

    Hey, here I am again and I had quite a nice experience with this new girl I gamed. This girl grew up in Westchester (Just north of Manhattan, NYC) and came from a semi-wealthy family. Her dad being a doctor and her mom a stay-at-home house-wife. I was very pleased with everything about her and...
  16. Redzky

    Lay Report: Big bootied latin girl

    Hey guys, So I managed to go out with a wing-man, that I haven't seen in awhile. I invited another wing that I have recently been going out with, who has an idea of what he's doing also, and we pretty much cleaned up. First off, we went to Meatpacking and met a few girls that were pretty...
  17. Redzky

    Lay-Report: Conservative Japanese Girl

    Another very nice success; to say the least. It is nice going out with her too, because everywhere we go she will turn heads. Date #1: The first date I took her to a Frank Sinatra bar that has a real chill atmosphere. I talked to her about Japan and asked her what it was like to grow up there...
  18. Redzky

    Lay Report: Puerto Rican girl from clothing store

    Lay Report: Puerto Rican girl from clothing store So I met this beautiful Puerto Rican girl awhile back that works at a clothing store on Broadway. It was a pretty interesting interaction, for me at least. I realized I needed a new shirt for when I go out on the weekends; something that would...