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  1. Beardme321


  2. Beardme321

    Mount vesuvius erupted... Discuss ways to save Imeprial Rome Hey

    Mount vesuvius erupted... Discuss ways to save Imeprial Rome Hey
  3. Beardme321

    Hey! Met a girl was wondering what to do she is smart

    I met an Hb7 with like a brown belt is it worth it to go for?? Haha.
  4. Beardme321

    1924 birthdays

    Let's say you made it to fifty seven -" Is it that easy to get to your corvette. Some point you either quit. Or can you make a return of the Jedi?? Haha.
  5. Beardme321

    Tips if you live in a big city

    Recently got in touch with an old friend that likes to talk to celebrities. I explained to him the pitfall of doing the things he's doing and the downside of not approaching things by numbers. Meaning he's having less success and it's spilling over to his work life. Like it hasn't happened to us...
  6. Beardme321

    I got kicked out of target for asking a chick at customer service about my shirt

    I differ since I believe that all women are beautiful in their own way. I mean there's nothing else except cars. Women have to have that philosophy attached to them.
  7. Beardme321

    Dallas TX Mom of the Year

    I thought after the war terms like Terrorism died out... Honestly though when I think of the texas mom I think of all the mom's that deposit their kid at the local park. Only thing is this texas mom definitely decided to do something with her kid.
  8. Beardme321

    Paranormal experiences

    Recommendation is to not own or use Greco or English objects or artifacts. Unless you know exactly what you are doing. Even sight or mention of such things can provoke things not in range.
  9. Beardme321

    The finest DJ the world has ever seen again

    He drives a Jeep. He drives to the super bowl smoking weed. Has nothing to do all day. And Sleeps with a brunette and a blonde every night.
  10. Beardme321

    Did I handle this right?

    What is she saying?
  11. Beardme321

    Why do rich guys get married?

    because they can.
  12. Beardme321

    Target scam

    I think Vantage said something about this last year. Anyone remember.
  13. Beardme321

    What happened to the assault weapons ban

    I like this point of view.
  14. Beardme321

    Target scam

    What's the story behind this scam. Have they figured out who is behind it? I have this theory. It's a bunch of rich kids in my town. In this case it's the rich get richer.
  15. Beardme321

    What is your opinion about keeping cash in your house safe?

    Where were you a couple of days back? I hope you weren't ruining the Holidays!
  16. Beardme321

    15 Traits

    This is truly inspiring!
  17. Beardme321

    Superbowl Picks once again

    Let's go Seahawks!
  18. Beardme321

    My girlfriend left me

    Thanks. I think this is what I'll do. Hey that Vantage guy might end up with Kate Upton right. Who knows what could happen.
  19. Beardme321

    My girlfriend left me

    Well I fell in love with her.