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  1. Aspiring Don Juan

    Journey to A Successful Life

    Haha crazy how long it's been since I've been on here. Not exactly a happy ending to this one - long story short I got ****ed with a false accusation in my last year of high school that almost got taken to court had it not been for my lawyers. But it was too late, the social and reputation...
  2. Aspiring Don Juan

    Is she setting me up for rejection?

    What I'm really wondering is whether or not you think she will break good or bad news to me on Monday. She did say she thought "it'd be easier to tell me irl." My gut is telling me it won't be good news tho
  3. Aspiring Don Juan

    Is she setting me up for rejection?

    Thanks for the input mate. I'm not worried about the lunch, it will go well. The purpose of me posting this thread was more to ask whether or not you think the thing that'd be "easier to tell me in real life" is going to be another rejection, or something else. My gut is telling me she will...
  4. Aspiring Don Juan

    Is she setting me up for rejection?

    Like we were touching so much earlier in the night, flirty eye contact. But as the night progressed, I kind of pussied out and stopped talking to her as much. I began to openly flirt with several other girls and testing the waters, even though I really only wanted her. Then after I came back to...
  5. Aspiring Don Juan

    Is she setting me up for rejection?

    Wow I really appreciate this comment, thanks for breaking things down so well. I really only admitted I was nervous to really make an impact when I complimented her though.
  6. Aspiring Don Juan

    Is she setting me up for rejection?

    So I've been flirting with this girl for a while now, but I ran into a little of an issue. I've already asked her out, but she said she wasn't in the right place for a relationship. Yesterday, I was escalating with her like crazy at a party and it was really flirty. However, I spent a lot of...
  7. Aspiring Don Juan

    The Decay of Masculinity

    Then why are there so many women that are able to resist Hillary Clinton pressuring all women to vote for her? And all those who didn't attend the women's march
  8. Aspiring Don Juan

    The Decay of Masculinity

    Anyone with an opposing view on Feminism, or any other feminist issue for that matter, gets immediately shut down for being a "sexist," and for inciting violence using hate speech. Free speech is only matters when they're the ones using it. But to tell you guys the truth, arguing about what...
  9. Aspiring Don Juan

    Senior girl playing games

    Alright, so brief introduction. I'm currently a junior in high school, and recently I met this really cute mixed girl. I started talking to her early January after she got out of an LTR. We hit it off and in the first week, I asked her out to grab bubble tea and she came over. I felt some...
  10. Aspiring Don Juan

    Waking Up

    I wouldn't worry too much about her; there are lots of fish in the sea. I'm not quite sure what the question you're asking here is however. From your story, the problem seems not to be your fault, rather a personal struggle that she is enduring with her faith. You said she expressed interest in...
  11. Aspiring Don Juan

    What do you lads going to all-boys school do?

    The all boy and all girl schools in my area just throw massive jams every week or so. They go there, meet people, get numbers, then hang out since the schools are relatively close.
  12. Aspiring Don Juan

    Journey to A Successful Life

    Has it really been February the last time I came on here? It's incredible how much time has past, it feels as if I only wrote the post above yesterday.. Most of it attributes to the fact I've been getting into weed. I defer from smoking, as I'm pretty committed into athletics and I don't want to...
  13. Aspiring Don Juan

    Why I'm not a "popular kid" / Problems with bigger groups

    Who wouldn't want to be that "cool" kid in high school? It's basically the key to almost unlimited p*ssy as pre selection in high school is greatly exaggerated. It's the only time in life where I'd say it matters more than anything else. Strange, but I've noticed that the most popular people are...
  14. Aspiring Don Juan


  15. Aspiring Don Juan

    are skinny guys attractive?

    I have had 2 or 3 girls admit to me on my last cruise that although they didn't think my face was anything special, they still wanted to hook up with me because I had a nice body and was overall a really cool guy. I also know a few pretty unattractive Junior guys who have incredibly nice bodies...
  16. Aspiring Don Juan

    Give number or ask for hers?

    I feel like it makes sense, but will mainly work with girls with a high IL off the start. But if she gives you her number that's already a pretty good indicator that she has some interest.
  17. Aspiring Don Juan

    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    Wow glad to see that you're back. I've been following your journal since I first discovered this site 2 years ago and it's pretty cool to see how you've changed. Well everyone has anyway. Lots of drugs in your life lol. What are your plans for your future?
  18. Aspiring Don Juan

    How to talk to a girl in your grade that is new to your school and have never spoken to her before

    Yeah it's a problem that I'm currently fixing. I've also been here for two years and have managed to gain quite a bit of knowledge that I use to varying degrees of success. Lol don't assume you can't learn anything from someone younger than you
  19. Aspiring Don Juan

    Journey to A Successful Life

    About that party, I didn't manage to isolate any girls as there was no where we could go, the parents were hella strict and they were watching us like eagles jesus. Even took a plastic water bottle that I got from their fridge smelling it to see if it was vodka smh. I have a semiformal dance...