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  1. Cappo Yung

    Losing weight should not be the goal. Reducing insulin resistance should be.

    Very informative brother, thanks for taking the time to write this.
  2. Cappo Yung

    What to do to keep your youth after age of 40

    We understand your situation, but you could create a workout space in your yard/house and sacrifice the hour as you mentioned… 30min Hiit and 30min shower. Not saying your not a hard worker are a great family man, but in order to take care of your family, you need to take care of yourself...
  3. Cappo Yung

    New trend of countering drinks with coffee

    Ahh got you, well just like Game, we have to keep at it till we get the desired results. Quitting drinking for you might enhance your life somewhat, and quitting smoking for me would make me more alert and save money. Good luck on the journey again my brother.
  4. Cappo Yung

    New trend of countering drinks with coffee

    Quitting is ok, what about on drink on occasion? Like a night out with friends and dates. If that wont lead back to drinking alone.
  5. Cappo Yung

    New trend of countering drinks with coffee

    I personally think coffee is ok for first meet up... not date. One it's inexpensive- two you are testing to see if she is worth spending a night with drinking Tequila or Teremana. Just imagine spending a night with a tipsy girl who don't know how to control herself, way worst, took your...
  6. Cappo Yung

    How is it not worth it to date a girl who is less physically attractive but ticks all the other boxes?

    You know what's funny, you have to trade something for another, I learned never to date women with mental issues, only bed them, cause like @mikedee said, "They are all Fked up". So to piggyback off you guys, I choose B, but no mental issues. Over time she'll become a A in my eyes. We attract...
  7. Cappo Yung

    Field Report #1 - First Time of Cold Approaching in the Mall for a long time

    Is this guy for real? Poor guys, listen to some man that seems like he forcing himself to curse, far from nataural.
  8. Cappo Yung

    How many women have you had sex with?

    You know what youre doing my brother, Don't break that streak for nothing. As you already know, Its not worth it. You did the road before marriage, now ita time to relax.
  9. Cappo Yung

    "You only wear black" - **** test?

    I- Only wear black as of a few months ago, It makes my life simple, If she dont wanna date you because of that, great. Thats her problem.
  10. Cappo Yung

    What's the best response to someone who flakes on the date?

    My game. If she flakes, I move on. I dont call. I dont text. I dont look back on what could've been. I delete her number and move on to the next. We are men, not tools. We should not put up with this behavior from no woman. The reason men ask this question is because of emotion. We need to...
  11. Cappo Yung

    Did the police allow white protesters to invade the White House today?

    Bro!!! I thought that was one of the most secure place on the planet. I’m exaggerating but you get the point. damn.
  12. Cappo Yung

    Did the police allow white protesters to invade the White House today?

    I agree. And I’m black. We cant be ignorant to the ‘Facts’ youve stated. I think there is something going on within the goverment that we are unaware of, but as of now, we’ll sit back and watch.
  13. Cappo Yung

    Tinder question

    I like that EyeInThePrize... I go a different route though.. Brother this is what I do... We match- within our first few sentences I ask for her number- I simple say - Hey send me your number - exactly like that. I never ask. if she denies for any reason I stop talking to her and unmatch...
  14. Cappo Yung

    This is the one and only way to know if you're beeing "creepy" or not

    I knew a woman wrote that article even before I opened it. It might have been obvious- well then. But this article is most relevant ever since social media took over our lives. The best thing a ‘Ugly Guy’ can do in this time is to... do what this forum has been teaching for years. 1. Get in...
  15. Cappo Yung

    Q: Dude snapchatting my GF...

    Analyzing your post Mr Chops, I suggest you flush this down the toilet immediately. You dont seems angry or worried- even though you brought it up here. As Kotaix mentioned above- I too- think youre in the clear. She sounds like a good one my friend.
  16. Cappo Yung

    how safe is rawdog sex with strangers?

    Its a scary feeling my brother. I wish this feeling on no one, cause youre stuck in uncertainty city until the doc says you're good.
  17. Cappo Yung

    how safe is rawdog sex with strangers?

    YOLO my friend. Experience is a cruel teacher. I once got Chlamydia from a rawdog, That tingling pain will open your mind if you should rawdog or not- the next time.
  18. Cappo Yung

    How do you guys stay consistent with workout or running/cardio routines?

    After reading each and everyone of these replies, I feel like one should not be in the game if you’re not working out. Like if you're not working out, just get married or find someone you click with and settle down. Exercising should be an essential item on your list- If it‘s even yoga. Do...
  19. Cappo Yung

    What is the maximum age to be a pua?

    Most likely she is an anomaly... And they are/ were together for reasons we know not. I would be ok at 70 with a woman in her 30’s, As long as I can keep up with her, If I cant- then I will let her go and live her life with someone who can keep up with her in all areas.
  20. Cappo Yung

    I have witnessed the most horrible thing today

    Did she have any witch characterics ?... because he is surly under a spell