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  1. Max Baker

    Reply to "Let's just be friends" text

    A right and wrong answer here. Correct, don't answer just move along buddy. Wrong, it won't drive her crazy because she won't give a ****.
  2. Max Baker

    You will catch Covid

    That's awesome but also the problem that we are facing as a society out here today. That is the main stream media is dominating the news and feeding us whatever the governments tell them too. I'm in Melbourne Australia, about to lose my job because i don't want the vaccine. The coverage of...
  3. Max Baker

    There may be fewer women on Tinder than ever before.

    Tinder isn't a dating app as much anymore. Its mostly an app for girls to show off and display their Instagram account these days. Not sure about this but given how bumble works with the woman messaging first if she wants to, I would've thought there would be less men on that app.
  4. Max Baker

    Let the Marital Issues Begin

    That's just another example that nothing ever stays the same. Rarely things improve, usually LTR or marriages stagnate and get worse over time. Glad I'm not in any of those.
  5. Max Baker

    Woman creates fake Tinder profile as a man after insisting that it's 'EASY PEASY' for guys

    Talk about old news. Most women are absolutely clueless as to what is really going on. Just proves they're in fantasy land.
  6. Max Baker

    Giving social media a rest for a month

    Same i've noticed the same thing happen to me since i deleted my accounts late last year
  7. Max Baker

    Red Flags

    I've got a few. Love bombing Desperate, clingy behavior Emotional trauma Bald - Creates extreme insecurity, depression Making bad decisions then playing the victim - Rebounding Cannot communicate face to face, prefers to hide behind essay texts Phone addict - Facebook addict Blabbermouth -...
  8. Max Baker

    Swedens Bachelorette.

    Or eventually she'll settle with a cat. Choices.
  9. Max Baker

    Biggest Turnoffs

    Surprised no one has mentioned this one. Bald women. And I'm not talking shaven, I'm talking bald. Now I know its a disease but its hard to look at a bald woman.
  10. Max Baker

    Swedens Bachelorette.

    She wants a "safe and funny guy" and "crazy, a bit messy". To be honest, i don't think she even knows what she wants. Good luck with that.
  11. Max Baker

    Another one gone

    Thanks everyone for your replies and support. Yeah that's true to a degree. When the woman starts wanting to meet families and wants exclusivity, For me to consider it a meaningful conversation at least has to be able to happen. It's not always about sex and food. I recognize it was a good...
  12. Max Baker

    Another one gone

    I was in a relationship with a single mother for 6 months, we would meet about 3 times a week. This woman was all about sex and food. Not once did we have a meaningful conversation about anything. I started to look for other women a few months ago and i was basically using her for sex. She...
  13. Max Baker

    How Exactly Did we Get to this point?

    Yeah social media is one aspect of it. But the main issue is women today have more power, more choices and men do not know how to act or be a man anymore. And the average bloke sinks into misery and desperation. Women now have thousands to choose from thanks to online dating, and the...
  14. Max Baker

    Living Alone

    I lived alone for 6 years and i loved it. Then my ex moved in. Although it was good having some company and sex of course, i found that i lost my sanctuary, freedom and at times sanity. I am more of an independent person. Fast forward to today, i sold that house, built another one and live...
  15. Max Baker

    Why Relationships Fail

    And that is so spot on considering modern society and social media. Most women and men are addicted to social media which causes depression. It's basically all about keeping up with everyone else. "They are in a relationship, then i have to be in one too!" If they're not their world spirals...
  16. Max Baker

    BE CAREFUL When Cold Approaching

    There goes semen retention!
  17. Max Baker

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    I don't believe in 30, 60 or whatever days of no contact. I think we all should be implementing indefinite no contact. I mean, do you guys want to be friends or keep them as plates? If you can handle it more power to you but imo it will get complicated and messy at some point. If you want...
  18. Max Baker

    Please help! My best friend is slowly killing himself.

    I was a dope smoker for 20 years. I pretty much smoked daily and it controlled my life. On weekends i smoked from the moment i woke up and went to bed. I must've been an ugly person to be around sometimes and i don't know how i managed two LTR's, keeping a job and paying off my house during...
  19. Max Baker

    Am I the only one?

    Where do you find these girls?