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    Hitting a slump. Stuck for now.

    Well you have to use your DJ skills minus the sexuality in a way. Be friendly, open minded and outgoing. Just curious don't you already have friends from middle school?
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    Hitting a slump. Stuck for now.

    I just wanna be sure, are we talking bout guy friends or female friends?
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    Girls with boyfriends and "pretty boys"

    Man high-school is awesome but it seems like every attractive girl has a bf. It really sucks. I don't know. What do you guys think? And also the girls that are singles are all over the "pretty boys". Like god damn maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way but what do you guys think?
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    Anderson Silva

    I wanna see Silva vs. GSP
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    Starting HS

    Again I want to thank you guys for contributing. Also Boxer plenty of thanks to you. You've said many words of wisdom. Thanks for all of you guys for you help.
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    Starting HS

    alright thanks everyone.. i been working out everyday ... I also signed up for guitar class. Ima try to see if i can get in football or basketball. Lately I have been trying to spin as many plates as possible.
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    Starting HS

    Alright I'm starting high school. Is there anything I need to know? Like tips and stuff like that.
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    The smoothest thing you ever said to a woman!

    wow gotta remember that one..
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    Question for the ladies....

    Man I just been out actually doing things you know.. Not mentally masturbating lmao.. We'll keep on talking by PMs..
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    Question for the ladies....

    Yeah dude i gotta agree with eaglez on this on. Oh and a pointer would be don't ask advice from chicks. Especially not on sosuave. I mean sure we got a couple of chicks here who are awesome people and posters as matter a fact. Just out of curiosity how old are you cuz I mean you been married and...
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    I'm going to write a book, for all of you

    I might actually download this book.:yes: Can't wait to check it out. Snowdog, do you feel the book can be applied for high-school?:confused:
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    How do you get privacy

    how do you get privacy with a chick cuz i really dont like and dont want to hit on a chick infront of her friends or my friends... so how do you get privacy with her?? oh and i dont really have any deep rapport with her cuz of this..
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    AFCs and DJs

    Well i didn't mean like that...I was talking bout talking to a girl...It reveals too many mysteries..
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    The Formula of Attraction

    Alright here is a lil' formula that I find its more often then not proven. You might have seen before but here it is. V/T=A V=Value T=Time A=Attraction What I mean is you should spend little time with her. BUT when you do spend time with her make her have loads of fun and YOU HAVE TO...
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    AFCs and DJs

    As you all know by now, there are huge differences between AFCs and DJs. I am going to list a few but very important differences. AFC: Meaningless words; talks alot DJ: Very strong and powerful words; talks less frequently AFC: Talks DJ: Action AFC: Reacts DJ: Acts AFC:"She's the...
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    OMG, friend living in "AFC Land"

    Exactly this is an issue with me giving him advice.
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    OMG, friend living in "AFC Land"

    So what you mean is show him a "natural" or I, myself can try to show him a couple of things.
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    OMG, friend living in "AFC Land"

    well, long story short....one of my best friend is a total AFC..he doesn't understand sh!t about some tips i give him...he even says that it is stupid..I told him don't pay attention to what a girl says instead pay attention to the way they say it and their body language..He, ofcourse, thinks...
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    All C&F lines..Post 'em here

    i know but say an example