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    Tips on losing Weight.

    1. Lift heavy (3-5 rep max) 2. Drink a lot of water 3. Avoid junk food and sodas 4. If you're going to do cardio, go natural and avoid fitness machines.
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    Cialis over Viagra

    Would you mind PMing me the site from where you made your purchase?
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    Cialis over Viagra

    Why does rui-products sell their Cialis for $30 more than Purity's product?
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    I'm 35 and still love video games, my woman doesn't get it

    There are a hundred things better than video games, but I don't have time for any of that BS after a 12-hour shift crunching numbers. Ride a bike? Running? Kiss my @$$ with that, dude, and f*** a book, too. I read enough at work.
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    I'm 35 and still love video games, my woman doesn't get it

    How would it improve, exactly? And if you were me, what would you be doing instead for those 2 hours?
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    I'm 35 and still love video games, my woman doesn't get it

    Why? Why is it more mature (since you brought up age) for someone to vegetate in front of the TV for 2 hours watching a TV show like Sherlock and yet it's not okay to engage in a video game for the same amount of time?
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    I'm 35 and still love video games, my woman doesn't get it

    For me, I'd rather play video games than watch TV sitcoms or practically anything that comes on television for the exception of NBA/NFL and documentaries; however, this comes as a problem for my woman who maintains the archaic belief that video games are for children. Now, before you ask, I...
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    So this chick is mad at my wife for outing her at the gym

    You actually remember your wife's stories? I usually purge my woman's stories from memory after 24 hours. I'll retain tidbits here and there for self-preservation -- don't want her believing I always ignore her.
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    Would you marry a woman with $166K in student debt?

    My girlfriend purchased a home back in 2006 when everyone was riding the bubble, and now the house is underwater. She doesn't think it's a sticking point when it comes to our future, but I tend to disagree.
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    Would you marry a woman with $166K in student debt?

    As far as I'm concerned, it'd be like practicing bigamy, because her ass is already married to the bank via shotgun wedding.
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    What every skinny guy should know...

    Do you know what 140 looks like, really, because he didn't look 140. He was 165-170 in Fight Club.
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    Reading self-improvement books has the complete opposite consequences

    The obvious answer is to stop reading self-help books, as they're clearly affecting you in a way unintended by the authors.
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    Met Online Girl After 8 Years

    Translation: "I want to know for sure if my ex-boyfriend, whom I put above you quite easily, is really over me, then and only then would I consider graduating you beyond your current status as my plan b/c/d/e. Until that fateful day, tell me me more about my eyes...."
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    Being "Separated" is killing plates

    "Being Separated" is often synonymous with "Giving it a small break" or "time out," suggesting the strong possibility for reconciliation. Words, man...words. A woman has too many options and too little time to isolate herself to a stranger who's still legally, although loosely, attached to...
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    No Fap Challenge Progress

    Urges are gone by the 3rd week, but I think this is around the time withdrawal symptoms kick in. Personally, I've been suffering from blurred vision and insomnia (obviously, why would I be posting this so late?). To all the critics and skeptics of nofap, I say judge the addiction by its...
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    No Fap Challenge Progress

    Haven't fapped for 2+ weeks now. I now have a new respect for recovering junkies. I can't tell you how often and urgently my hand wanted to grab my tool - I checked myself a hundred times - and on days when I'm hungover from alcohol, it's 10x as difficult.
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    Introduction/Problem Meeting Girl I Want

    Lowering your standard is the biggest trap you'll have to overcome. A sub-7 girl with a killer personality and an ego-enforcing attitude will put herself in your crosshairs, say the right things, go along with whatever it is you want to do, and before you know it you've invested a considerable...
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    Ignored a couple of LTR's texts, she is calling repeatedly

    Ignore her. If they're out of your State, they should be out of your state of mind.
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    In a relationship - how to get past urges to cheat?

    The desire to cheat rises and falls in direct proportion to the state of affairs in your relationship. My girlfriend, for example, is beautiful, loving, and considerate. I am attracted to her both physically and mentally. I would not risk losing all of that for a random lottery ticket that is...
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    No Fap Challenge Progress

    3rd week. I think I've successfully gotten over the withdrawal symptoms. I no longer have the urge to grab my tool; it's no longer calling out to me to do it. However, outside stimulus and alcohol tend to amplify the itch.