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  1. J

    Ignoring attractive women who act like you don't exist

    I think you are suggesting to treat the HBs as uglies and not the other way round
  2. J

    How Often Are You Approached/Stared At/Receive IOI's?

    I get IOIs but only from ugly girls. And some ugly girls do approach via sliding in dms.
  3. J

    Hoa do i approach women when anxious

    OP, don't **** where you eat...
  4. J

    Should I keep pursuing or cut her off?

    UPDATE: I planned to ghost her for a week. Also, she got covid, so I couldn't ask her out on Friday. I'll hit her up next week and plan something for next friday.
  5. J

    Should I keep pursuing or cut her off?

    This is very true.
  6. J

    Should I keep pursuing or cut her off?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and can't really make sense of what's happening with this girl. So there's this girl I met a couple weeks ago through my friend and I asked her out to meet once. Well long story short, she showed up late and since I had somewhere to be, I left after meeting for...
  7. J

    How to show resilience when going out of your comfort zone but events bring you down?

    Hello, I'm doing the DJ boot camp and my task this week is to talk to girls I find attractive. I go to my campus to do this task but i found out that girls aren't really interested in talking to strangers. I talked to this exchange student from Spain today, and she was just answering to my...
  8. J

    Boot Camp week 1 (Response thread)

    Day 1: So, the first official day of BC. I was on campus today, and boy is it much harder to do with people your age. One thing I noticed was that middle aged and old people have no problem holding eye contact and saying hello, and having a brief conversation. But people in their late...
  9. J

    Why Is there So Much More Men than Women?

    As said in above replies, that there are plenty women out there, I believe we only consider the attractive ones. For example, people say that no woman likes them which is just not true. I ask them to ask themselves, is it actually true that "NO WOMAN" likes them, or is it that "NO WOMAN THAT...
  10. J

    Boot Camp week 1 (Response thread)

    Day 0: I wasn't really gonna start the bootcamp today, but I consider today as a warmup. I took the neighbor's dog for a walk, and came across only middle aged to old people. Said about 12 hellos. I think this week's challenge is gonna be easy, as I have already did a similar thing a few months...
  11. J

    Take advantage of the age of Weak Men

    The thought of all the men getting more beta day by day seemed so good to me until I realized that I was among those "men."
  12. J

    DJ Boot Camp

    Hey man, how's your progress going? I am thinking about starting this boot camp. Have you gotten any companions yet?