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    Need advice on sitation with a virgin

    real religous, conservative, doesn't know how to kisss....
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    Need advice on sitation with a virgin

    So I've been on 3 dates with this 21yr old virgin. By all accounts she is a virgin and I can tell by the way she acts totally unexperienced. Well, about 3 weeks ago I had her in my apartment totally ready to bang, only problem was I had no rubber. I contemplated doing it in the rear only but...
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    girl msg me to whine about work?

    no. dont become an emotional tampon for her. Instead lead the conversation where you want it to go!
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    Check list for keeping your game tight.

    Hey, it's working me wonderful results. Field tested. As far as your method, I would like to hear yours, Sir.
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    Pros Only...

    Sounds like this is the only girl in your life at the moment. Do yourself a favor and go meet 4 more. The more you have in your social web, the easier it is to not be focused on just one. If you really wanna know where you stand take charge and get her on a date or your place, whatever, and...
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    Check list for keeping your game tight.

    here's mine: DONT BE A WUSSBOY/CHUMP SPEAK MY MIND I AM THE CATCH NOT HER REGRET IS BETTER THAN REJECTION SHE IS A HUMAN, LIKE ME CALM COOL COLLECTED IN CONTROL I think it's also great to act like a natural, even when you're not. Eventually you will become what you act like.
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    buying girls drinks at the club

    DON'T DO IT!
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    Biggest Simp

    I admire your honesty. Understand that by admiting it you may have hit a low. Do some reading around here, take what ever advice works for you and forget the rest. If you wanna be that guy,19 with a baby stroller and a clingy chick, you will. Visualize yourself as a Don Juan and you will...
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    What did i do wrong?

    ^^^Strongly agree! Wtf, are u 12? Texting should only be used like hot sauce on a taco; sparingly. For god's sake quit being so damn predictable and needy!
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    HB Definitions

    This is such a STUPID game. First off, everyone's idea of beauty always differs from person to person. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! You may like the blonde skinny model looking girls, but I prefer that curvy, long black hair girl sitting across the room. Second, there are no such...
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    How to be less horny?

    pssst redtube.com....
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    Colorado dj's??? Denver area?

    looking for a wingman in the Denver metro area, if that's you you know what to do!
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    Mirrors: My worst enemy

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    profile pic for facebook says many things?

    i think the pic's real blurry buddy.
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    Don't Be SPINELESS And It all Comes Together

    I totally agree with you, flint. I have come to realize that most of the chumps who ask these lame questions are guys who have some unresolved issues i.e. child hood trauma, abuse, neglect yada yada yada. It's easy to criticize these dudes, but it's harder to lead them. I for one am not gonna...
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    Looking for a more powerful purpose in life.. anyone else?

    my advice: take one day at a time and smile a lot.
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    Dating A Sexually Abused Girl

    well, what is it that u wanna do with her? ltr, fuvk buds? what? just dont become her therapist or start playing detective.
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    You Guys are SAD

    15% of women send themselves flowers on valentine's , jan's obviously one of them!
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    Hey You...yes, You The Afc! Read, Chump Cake!

    pardon me for not having enough posting credentials as Bimbo lol. I'm often times too busy FIELD TESTING to be stuck up on the net. Nevertheless, the betas must challenge the Alphas beacuase its the only way the pack stays strong!