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    What motivates you to pursue women?

    I've been alone for quite a while. Didn't feel like putting too much effort into the pickup or anything. There's a saying that goes something like, "you won't make a change until the pain point crosses over and exceeds your comfort point." Having no one in my life and not having to get my...
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    Female perspective of online dating, most guys are clueless

    I'm not getting much attention at all on this new dating site I just joined. Every time I've joined one, I rarely get messaged, and hardly anyone replies. I never, ever exaggerate my height - I'm 5'9" and in fact may really be just a hair under 5'10", but I always say 5'9" I'm going to do...
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    How do you just do "no contact" without letting the person know why?

    Always best to leave it be. No woman has ever given me a reason for stopping contact, leaving me to wonder what I did "right" and of course have no idea what I did "wrong." No need to do the same - women keep us guessing, not the worst thing in the world for us to do the same.
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    American anime pioneer and Robotech creator Carl Macek R.I.P

    What Macek did was pretty impressive - he rewrote dialogue and lightly re-edited three essentially unrelated Anime series to create Robotech. Macross, Masters and New/Next generation were tied together through his ingenuity.
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    What r the best travel jobs for die hard nomads?Heres my list

    Regardless of how often I travel (it is a goal of mine to create a lifestyle that permits far more of it), I still haven't figured out if it's more about the experiences or outrunning feelings of loneliness and self-doubt.
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    Architect Richard Gage

    My biggest issue with the controlled demolition theory, is this: how were two huge buildings wired to blow without attracting a tremendous amount of attention? I've watched documentaries about demolition crews. They need a lot of guys, taking a lot of time to do the job right. Even if...
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    Attempted pickup on vacation

    I just returned from a Club Med in the Caribbean. Didn't have too much success there, but I'm wondering what I may have done wrong with one particular woman. She was by herself after dinner, hanging out by the bar. The dancing was relocated that night to the beachside patio, so it was...
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    Gun owners/enthusiasts here???

    Hmm... Does my Rossi Lever Action in .45 Long Colt count? :) Good call on not selling the side-by-side. Financial distress issues aside (I'm speaking generically now, not specifically about you), there's an expression I truly believe in: "you seldom regret buying a gun, you always regret...
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    Gun owners/enthusiasts here???

    Five years hence... Went from zero firearms to nine. Bunch of rifles, and now my first handgun - Ruger Gp100 .357, dark finish, 6" barrel, Pachmyr grips. More goodies on the way - Chiappa 1911-22 (looks and handles just like classic GI .45 1911) , Tokarev TT33 (rugged and fires...
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    Career Questions

    I am self-employed... have a business fixing computers. I leveraged the knowledge I gained from seven years' prior IT/helpdesk experience, and built my client base one at a time. I'll be frank - I essentially got myself fired from my prior job... I was insubordinate, and my followup with...
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    Anyone heard of Amway?

    I've just seen a lot of vulnerable people get lured into a lot of MLM stuff - personally seen it happen to them. Yes, they *were* promised fast, easy money by some slick person who was probably quite a few levels from their 'upline' already. These people spent tons of money upfront on product...
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    Anyone heard of Amway?

    Don't do it... Any kind of MLM/Network marketing is something you should stay away from. I would be suspicious of any business that promises easy, fast money, with shady recruiting tactics, to boot. (famous tactic: cold approaching people in the 'business' section of a book store, asking...
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    what are the people of your country like?

    I dimly remember a story that went something like this: A drifter walks into town one night, looking for a place to stay. Both weary and wary, he asks a local about the sort of people that lived there. "What have you heard?" the person replies "A bunch of gamblers, drunkard and cheats"...
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    "The Men Who Ran Away"

    These sorts of massacres have been cut short when a bunch of *people* ganged up on the shooter when they paused the reload. Many more continued far longer because not a single person took advantage of a reloading pause to stop the shooter.
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    It's all collapsing

    Bigguns, You might like this essay written by conservative blogger Kim Du Toit sometime in 2003... http://www.theothersideofkim.com/index.php/essays/41/
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    average height not IMO 5'8-5'9

    I think this applies most clearly to online personals... women who say "only message me if you're 6' or taller" filter responses ruthlessly from men who are 5'11" or shorter. That's why having game is so important - most women waive a surprising number of "requirements" when someone that...
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    I Love Guns!!! What Is Your Dream Gun/rifle?

    I finally obtained a Garand... it's a 1986 repro from Springfield Armory (primary gov't contractor for M1 garands) that I bought from a older fellow who needed to liquidate his guns. Price was right, the gun is in excellent shape. I'm practicing loading, racking, unloading with inert training...
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    SO who here started a small business?

    A couple of other quick thoughts: Take an EMS philosophy: "first, do no harm" So - above all, make sure their data is safe... almost any and every piece of hardware these days is cheap and quick to replace... but those term papers, months of Quicken entries and vacation/wedding photos are...
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    SO who here started a small business?

    I was forced to go out on my own in mid-2002. I had gotten fired from an IT Help Desk job, but had already been doing private PC repairs on the side. I simply grew my business (had already incorporated as an S-corp) one client at a time. Yes, "the business owns you." I have LESS free...