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    Eternal Bachelors Holidays

    Try being around bickering couples to cheer you up...
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    What happened to me? Help appreciated for weird drought

    Thanks guys. I think there are some things to think about. I thought get busy and the girls will follow but not really. I do not watch tv and study with any 'free' time. I don't talk about this but girls probably pick up on it. The girls I think could be interesting have boyfriends or are not...
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    What happened to me? Help appreciated for weird drought

    Hi, I really appreciate your thoughts/suggestions. This post may come across as vain although it is very open. I am 33, wealthy, well educated, great job, fancy car, very fit and heck, I was even a model when I was younger. So I did great in my 20s. Very shy yet had relationships with...
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    lower your standards as you age?

    Having a discussion, and the guys (married) were saying lower my standards because I am 33 single. I am doing well in many respects and don't see why I would compromise on what is important to me. I accept the risk that I may not meet 'the one'. Thoughts?
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    How does being single affect your career?

    Yeah good posts on point. Those who say discrimination. It is, although that is the way of the world. Not that I want rewards based on quotas although I only see minority women/other groups being forced up the ladder when discrimination is more widespread. Those who say don't mix pleasure and...
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    How does being single affect your career?

    I am 32 and have worked my way to being a senior manager 3 levels below the MD of a major corporation by working my butt off. The major chink in my armour professionally (that I question) is that I am single. It has probably been the reason I am where I am professionally (allowing me to work...
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    Normal Chick Behavior

    great post!
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    Risk of men fathering children after 40

    http://www.news.com.au/national/the-age-of-dads-at-conception-can-prove-a-risk-to-offspring/story-fndo4cq1-1226573893413 Legitimate or a scare tactic? I understand the concept, although as a man, never felt the biological clock ticking. Yet, this article seems to suggest higher risk which...
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    No Single Friends Left

    This topic has been one of the hardest challenges for me in getting older. It feels like I lose my friends because: - their schedule does not allow them to go out and when they do, it is with their partner which REALLY changes the dynamic (I specifically hate inviting my GUY friend to a GUY...
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    Overcoming shaming - being different

    Interesting. So are you saying that if I set the frame correctly initially, these suggestions/disapprovals would not surface? I would like to know more. I like the Mr introduction. Can you give an example of how and when you use this. Australia is very 'tall poppy' (i.e negative towards...
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    Overcoming shaming - being different

    AWESOME Jitterbug! Thanks
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    Overcoming shaming - being different

    So how do you guys handle it. 1. A lot of people always assume that I will date someone my own age (32). Eg. girl is 23, they will say she is way too young for you I could correct them and say that age is nothing (although it is a stupid debate/discussion). Do you just take it or...
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    any 50 shades of grey stories?

    Has the book helped you? Any stories? Eg. can you assume the girls reading it have high libidos (before or after). I had a girl at work email me saying hey, I saw you reading at lunchtime. What book are you reading. I answered 'accounting textbook' as I am studying. She responded I am...
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    work and women (not about dating at work)

    solid tip, thank you
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    work and women (not about dating at work)

    Gentlemen, What are your thoughts/experiences/tips on how work affects you? I have been working long stressful hours lately and although my libido/interest seems high, I have very little tolerance/energy to go out. I am happy how work is proceeding though. Have you guys managed a balance...
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    men who go into business with their wifes

    business answer - make clear to him your concerns/risks/effects although you will do what the customer wants. I.e Make them take full responsibility for over-riding your recommendations normal answer - what intrigues me is what does the guy see in the girl in general? In a business...
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    Heeeeelp!! I'm being sucked into the FZ!

    exactly - to me it could be interpreted as just a game (I am desirable). A LOT of Australian princesses of entitlement are like that... All responses are still valid though as not worth the effort.
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    Flirting then the girl says she has a bf...

    Thanks guys. I searched and there were some general threads on this although though a Mature perspective would be interesting. Eg. To me these are clear signs of interest with/without the bf disclaimer (as Rollo calls it).When I was younger, I ignored these and kept having fun which lead to...
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    Flirting then the girl says she has a bf...

    Twice this week. Girl will be flirting/show interest. We exchange some genuine smiles and then start talking. I say something general like so what are you up to this weekend and the girl says going to dinner with bf tonight. Or the girl will put the bf into the conversation. Fair enough if...
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    Making girls laugh sign of interest?

    I think Die Hard has a point. Perhaps I am doing funny not ****y. I often am told that I am considered arrogant etc anyway (truth be told I am usually just really focused on other things and people say I do my own thing as arrogance, for me it just feels like staying busy). So I would not know...