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    Some stupidity and a question

    **** that Krueg, she was just my type of woman....****'s goin in a box...City is big but it ain't that big, gotta be cool bout ****. If after a year it will be long forgotten.
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    Some stupidity and a question

    LOL absolutely, not denying that. Doesn't mean I wouldn't mind takin another crack at that crack . She was a real wildcat. Na I honestly do not think she is concerned with me at all...but I have her stuff, she's easy and if I get her alone I'll get it =P :rolleyes: Spose I'll just return her...
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    Some stupidity and a question

    Long time no see SS... Moved across the country...got established in a new city Met a chick at the bar...broke a seven month dry spell Ended up seeing this chick three or four times a week to **** like rabbits for a month straight then her IL plummeted as I got a taste of the ol...
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    Lets see how this plays out SS, join me

    I'd go ghost, forever, leaving the ***** thinking there's unfinished business.
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    Are you a beta fag?! Survey Inside.

    Do you judge "alphaness" based on criteria that revolve around women? Because being "alpha" has absolutely nothing to do with women. Alphas are leaders of MEN.
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    Advice Needed...Dont flame.

    Since you already know our response I say you do it and get knocked on your ass again...hell it's the only way I ever truly learn my lesson Do it and feel like **** for a week or be successful and remember all the bad things you broke up over and watch them repeat themselves.
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    Bought a car and

    The reason I'm not setting up payments through a bank ect. is because I don't have any of that **** right now... Maybe you read this on another post or not but the short and now of it is I left my hometown with a backpack 6 months ago and lived as a dirty hippie all summer. Basically I'm doin...
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    Bought a car and

    The receptionist was this cute Moldovian chick who has been in the states for 6 years. She seemed really eager to conversate with me while we were waiting for her boss to come iron out the rest of the details for the vehicle. gave lots of IOI's such as meeting my gaze and looking at my lips...
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    Letting dreams die. A beta male's story.

    Beta 4 lyfe may I suggest you look into "The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida. Regardless of what people may or may not feel about this book Deida addresses men who make their family and relationship their number one priority in life pretty accurately. Women's purpose in life is to be...
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    Attention to Mods

    I feel that Skinnyguy is a troll... I mean he posts useless **** and defends his idiot point relentlessly.
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    So, after multiple dates, she finally drops the bomb...

    If you are sexually active, you are already likely infected with HPV... You could see warts, but that's not as likely. It is known to cause cervical cancer in women...
  12. H


    You just don't stop do you? Your status is irrelevant. You hear about "powerful, rich, handsome men" whining daily about how they cannot get dames. AFC is AFC regardless if you are a burger flipper or a CEO in a suit. The same way a loser can get laid seven days a week, a "winner" can be on a...
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    If you don't need women, why are you spinning plates?

    No, desire and need are two different things. I desire lots of things that have absolutely no bearing on the level of my happiness. For example I really really WANT to skydive, however I have never done it nor had the opportunity. Because I want to skydive, does that mean on some level I need...
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    If you don't need women, why are you spinning plates?

    Oh man all the ignoramuses are pouring out of the woodworks for this one. I am simply stating what he said back to him, literally the title of the thread is "If you don't need women why are you spinning plates?" I was being facetious, good lord, are you skinnyboy's life partner or something...
  15. H

    If you don't need women, why are you spinning plates?

    That privacy for security thing is a whole other animal I won't get into. The reasoning for that is because it's the same stupid cop logic. If you don't need women why do you spin plates? Because clearly if you absolutely did not NEED you wouldn't want them around. The reason the...
  16. H

    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    I've been loving Diesel Only The Brave. It's kind of sweet and leathery, I can't really explain it, I get lots of compliments on it.
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    If you don't need women, why are you spinning plates?

    Consider this. If a cop asks you to search your car and you say no, do you necessarily have something to hide? Because you are using the same ****ty logic here... Herp if you don't need women why do you date them derp. Maybe I want to *******, does that mean my life revolves around that...
  18. H

    How do I respond to this? Sh*t Test?

    :crackup: Ok tough guy.. You talk all this **** about I don't let anyone get rude with me then you're all like.. hey hun, you ok? I can't go cold on you because you have "health issues" why are you ignoring me, *insert more soft **** here*. You have health issues too, pursuing a LDR...
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    My online "girlfriend"

    I used to try to do this **** when I was young. Never pans out, quit wasting your time she ain't worth it.
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    LISTEN!! Stop going to bars, stop going to clubs and instead

    I've been wanting to take up dancing for over a year now, just got the means to do to and I'll be startin my first class in November. To all you naysayers, keep talkin and not doin, thats why you're still a ****in chode. The women in dance classes are simply a side effect of going to...