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    Don Juans Everywhere!

    Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
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    DJ's to hit up the Hollywood area clubs and bars to practice our pick-up skills

    Yea, I think I got your number Yman but I must of saved it under your real name and don't know what it is. PM me your number again, I'll make sure to put your handle info too.
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    Los Angeles!!! Djs!!!

    Yea, it was good. A few crash n burns, some very solid approaches with number closes, some solid interactions but didn't get their number (16 yrs olds and what not) and had lunch with 2 different sets for 30mins+ with the cold approach. I don't know if I'ld do a mall again tho, too many...
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    I was very reluctant to post this, but hopefully it will help motivate ppl in need

    Holy ****! You are a different breed of man. Your dedication and drive must be through the roof. Kudos. Any tips on how to increase your brain's discipline?
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    Whats wrong with fast food meats?

    ****, I didn't look at it like that. Last night I was sick of snaking on nuts and 4 hours before bed I decided to have 1&a bit Jumbo Jacks. I thought, "Hey, the only bad carbs are from the buns, there's not much bread here, mainly meat." Dammit, way to waste a day.
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    Los Angeles!!! Djs!!!

    My bad, this is the Northridge Fashion Center by the 118 and 405 on Tampa. Not the Northridge Mall in Salinas.
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    Going out by yourself

    Duude!! It's easier to day game by yourself. But if night game is your thing, make more friends. Join a lair. I don't care about night game right now. But... Come with us to sarge this Saturday at Northridge Mall. I haven't been there but a fellow community member said it was a sweet spot...
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    Los Angeles!!! Djs!!!

    Northridge Mall meetnsarge is happening Saturday about afters lunch. I'm thinking of going to get lunch there so if you wanna go a lil early, np. PM me ur number and I'll call ya Saturday or if I already have ur number, PM me to tell me ur interested.
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    Critique my routine for "What do you do for a living?"

    :cry: Noooo!! That was my attempt to play down the work thing with sarcasm and steer it back ON topic. :cuss: I'm here cos I'm a socially retarded dude sharing his works and looking to pin point perfect them like the rest of you. Fukken hell, I'm working my way to be a marine biologist. You...
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    Critique my routine for "What do you do for a living?"

    Hahahah, oh you guys. What is high paying job with minimal worktime? /discuss. I work in pron. I'm a gigolo **** lotsa ho's.. :yawn: Back on topic, I don't think you guys are into breaking routines down. I'll FT this and adjust accordingly. Anyway, Yes, that c+f stuff is good for night...
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    Late night hungers

    Arh.. I know the ones. Not too much treatment on those. Not too brown. I reckon the pimple outbreak could be from the 'roasted' treatment. These are Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts. It's not easy on the throat and might cause other reactions. I'll try the unsalted peanuts and if problems...
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    Critique my routine for "What do you do for a living?"

    Nah... I'm in the same boat. I'm definitely going Direct-Natural. Heeds results faster more efficiently. Indirect-canned is more night stuff and may get you entertainment monkey status. And the occasional "Who are you again?". You can lose attraction too fast from meeting to day2. Ex-VArts here...
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    Critique my routine for "What do you do for a living?"

    A little about me: I'm nearing 24, I work a crappy high paying job and live at home with the parents. Living at home is kindly expected if you are in your studies, but I am waaay past my studies now. I'm not from the US and am solely here for money. I get asked what I do for a living but...
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    The Blowout hairstyle

    Here, this looks cool and should be easy with your type of hair. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKPMz186Zrw
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    Late night hungers

    Just interested in knowing, a lot of you say nuts. What kind of nuts specifically? I switched over from cashews to roasted peanuts as a snacker (very low in carbs and I comsume 100 or so calories per 2 hours) but started to break out in pimples. WTF?!? I only drink water or that Arizona Tea...
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    The Blowout hairstyle

    Could you link us to a pic? I'm picturing 80's George Michael wham duran or whatever that era was.
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    Los Angeles!!! Djs!!!

    Northridge Mall daytime sarge A fellow community member and I are setting something up but no exact time and location has been confirmed. June 15/16/17. Northridge/TO area. We're looking to do it next weekend during the day. Time and location will be decided closer to the date and deciding...
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    Los Angeles!!! Djs!!!

    I wasn't aware of a pool party. I'm just with SoCal. I know the guys from SoCal are meeting in Irvine Friday and (unofficially) Saturday. Quite a busy PUA weekend, perfect for networking and meeting potential wings your own level. PM me if you live near Simi Valley/Thousand Oaks and are...
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    Los Angeles!!! Djs!!!

    Yeah, it was good mate. The actual BC is kinda pricey but we get discounts. We were taught an opener on the spot and the reasoning behind every word, BL movement and your positioning top notch! Talked about the guts of day game and every guy's SP and Grungey's solutions to em. What was meant to...
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    Grungey10 Day Game expert in LA