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    Sex leads to confidence, plain and simple

    I think visiting a "professional" is a good idea for anyone who's at the age of consent or older, if they haven't had any experience. Why? I think that everytime a virgin guy tries to connect with a woman he isn't just looking for sex, but for his *first time* and that adds extra gravitas...
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    What have i done to deserve this?

    WestCoaster - Although I agree in principle with what you are saying about AFC behavior/attitude of bartenders, I have to say in fairness that the bartenders working the night spots in my area are a pretty popular bunch (in general) with the ladies. This guy wasn't one of them, btw.
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    What have i done to deserve this?

    Bumptious Women in bars... I was at a bar/club once. Usually by about 11:00 PM all the sitting/standing spots at the bar are taken. This one gal literally shoved me aside so she could order a drink. I said, "It really is OK to say excuse me." Yup, that's it. I didn't call her any names...
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    who heres hooked up with or dated a HB 9.5 and up?

    Haven't dated anyone a lot of guys would rate that high, but... A couple of them drew sincere surprised compliments when I was seen with them. Both of them were far better looking than I would have dared hoped back in the days before I lost my innocence. What's important to me now as far...
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    What the f%$K is up with this bleeping..

    Dissenting view... I'm actually in favor of the board censorship. Some of the words that are censored are a bit odd, because they aren't profanity, but hey, the moderators can set any standard they want. A previous poster correctly pointed out that reducing/eliminating profanity is a good DJ...
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    going after a married chick- MUST READ

    Don't pursue married women... I'll give you a moral reason: it's wrong. I'll give you a safety reason: hubby may/may not come after you I'll give you an economic reason: the fallout could endanger your job. I'll give you an emotional reason: this most likely will go nowhere, and will cause a...
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    Pickups on Vacation

    I'm not the best-looking guy, or have much game, but I'm tellin' you, vacations are ideal for this sort of thing - I know firsthand. Women are more relaxed, and as another poster pointed out, they're in the frame of mind like, "what happens here, stays here." It's as if their normal...
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    Up Straight -How to learn SOLID game

    Some things I've discovered about self-improvement: (and for the sake of argument, please let me consider this site/board in the category of "self improvement) 1. There are very few pieces of advice and concepts in any self improvement book - emotional, financial...
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    Being an extreme Jerk for a day

    I don't think it's so much that women want to be treated badly as they actually don't like being treated well all that much. An ex of mine (I actually *want* to be just friends with her) keeps obsessing over some guy she recently met. He romanced her overseas, but when she actually came...
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    People need to stop fooling themselves

    Although my pic wasn't on there long, I rated a 4.something on hotornot.com. But I've dated some very attractive women - two of them drew sincere compliments from friends or coworkers that saw them in picture or in person. It's a numbers game - the more women you encounter, the more likely...
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    How to cultivate the "bad boy" in you without becoming a criminal?

    Being stared down... Hmmm... I would have to disagree with a previous poster about what to say if someone keeps looking at you, or at least if it's another guy. I've heard of too many beatings, stabbings, and shootings that started because of a "staring contest" between two guys. Staring is...
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    The James Bond attitude

    Some comments on Bond: Brosnan is great, but Connery is the one that really had it all. Lazenby is actually a bit underrated. I think the appeal of Bond to women is the combination of suave refinement, coolness under pressure, ability to fight his way out of any situation, and the...
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    ******** for I am not attracted to you

    One example is this...
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    Women... cleaner or messier?

    I find that a lot of the women I've dated (wide age ranges) don't keep house particularly well. Myself and my male friends (the ones that live their own) have pretty neat apartments in comparison. Anyone else find the same thing? I think the myth is that men are slobs, when I think the...
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    FAT girls. WHY I usually avoid.

    A lot of feel-good liberal types try to tell us that "we should look beyond body image" and "see people for who they really are." BS! I say! Fat is just plain disgusting. No way around it at all. I dated an overweight 38 year old for a while, but when a slim and athletic 49 yr old walked...
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    Bryan Redfields advice... Totally un-DJ like!

    I agree with most posters about his advice, but I'll add this: In general, attractive people want to date attractive people. But I think his advice to "settle" (financially, too, I might add!) is odious. I'll temper this by mentioning the idea of finding what another "relationship...
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    A woman posts Ten Reasons...

    Here is a link to a great posting from Craigstlist.com. I secured permission ahead of time from Craig himself to post this. Enjoy (contains strong opinions and profanity) http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/sfo/13471722.html
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    Whoa. I'm sold on KINO now...

    The massage thing... Has backfired on me more than once. It's a bit ham handed, unless there has been some touching previously.
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    it seems you have to be a superman to get anywhere with girls now a days !!!

    Yes, I've felt the same way - it seems that the only ones women notice are the great looking guys with a great car and a great job, etc. However, there are always exceptions. I guess there is some hope for OK looking guys because I see plenty of really nice looking women with men that you...
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    Fist Fights ?

    I was in a Friday's one day and this guy (in his early 40's) spent an entire conversation bragging to some woman about all of the fistfights he's been in recently. Big stocky guy in business attire, but otherwise not especially tough-looking. Wasn't sure if she was impressed. As I left I...