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    I need opinions...

    So you're trying to show off that you're rich and that she should be chasing you like a little puppy ??? Mate she only keeps in contact with you because you've offered her help in her career and education ..... thats it !!! And who buys a dress as a gift for a platonic relationship without...
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    Short Men: Why Women Aren't Attracted Enough to Date Them

    My counter to this is that I also was getting sex frequently in my teens I started at 14 simply because my North European genes allowed me to grow taller and broader by the time I hit 14. Went through a rough "Brainwashed" patch in my late teens early 20's were things dried up a bit. What we...
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    Short Men: Why Women Aren't Attracted Enough to Date Them

    Well look at what was done to Black Americans over the last few centuries, they took mediocre stock and bred them into being leaner meaner and stronger workhorses for the farm labour they were purchased for ............... fast forward today and boom they are massive in all sports !!! I've got...
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    Short Men: Why Women Aren't Attracted Enough to Date Them

    Then give up and stay an average loser for the rest of your life as self improvement and getting a better life and relationships with women is too hard for you because "All the women want a top 10%" man. I've been here since 2005, I've slept with about 20 women on average each year over the...
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    Short Men: Why Women Aren't Attracted Enough to Date Them

    1) 5'10" or just under isn't short at all. It's just on the cusp of what I'd say is tall. Short is like 5'7" and below, there's a marked difference that you can see. 2) You're a combat vet and most likely look the part and probably have the attitude that goes along with that, I've met M/Fs like...
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    The Lost Art

    I doubt if half these new lads have ever tried to talk to 5 different women each day at any point in their lives for a month straight !!! All theory, Zero real world testing ! And I might sound like a pr!ck here and might be beating a dead horse BUT after 15-30 approaches the amount you learn...
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    The Lost Art

    Umm "Pook" is this you ??? Jokes aside funny how 20 years ago we had Pook say the exact same line "As you think so shall you become" and here we are August 2023 and another person who probably has never heard of pook pulls out the same exact thought process !!! This is where you're making a...
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    The Lost Art

    At some point in any mans interaction with ANY women, the woman is going to make a logical or illogical judgement on "What does this guy bring to the table". AS long as you can fulfill this "Security vs Insecurity" equation youre going to either be able to get a lay/plate/ltr depends on how your...
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    The Lost Art

    Why is it hard to believe that a man over 50 is able to sexually attract a woman in her 20's. You guys do realise that women have a basic instinct to seek out a male that is able to provide a long term ability to "look" after her. It's fu(king millions of years of evolution (unless you're a...
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    The Lost Art

    The entire premise of starting a conversation and being able to maintain a conversaton are the reasons this forum exists. The vast majority of modern men and women can't speak at any length on any subject for more than a few minutes. You pretty much pulled of your typical "Day-Game" approach...
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    Got complacent and girlfriend is losing interest

    So she sent you a direct message saying she's losing interest ?? Your reply should have been "Cool I understand, I'm busy rehabilitating my arm and making sure I can work, you do you and we will connect later" Then you go silent and make sure not to open your house door when she comes...
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    Let's Be Real Here Pt.2 - WOMEN are the prize

    TLDR You're a loser with a boring uninteresting life and no conversation skills or interesting hobbies that engage you. You probably lack the confidence to get up in front of 100 people and deliver a speech on any topic that you have interest in. Money, House, Cars mean nothing if the man...
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    The obsession with foreign women is a fantasy tale cope

    Spining Plates doesn't mean you kick a women to the road !! It also doesn't mean that you should have a rotation of 12 women at the ready for you to sleep with. It means to have other things going on in your life so that you don't come across as a man with zero options and desperate !!!. You...
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    This dude has to win Simp of the year...

    WTAF did I just read !!! They were plotting to kill him and he bails out his ex wife her lover AND the hitman !!! Is he wanting his head to be lobbed off ?? :rolleyes:
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    The Rational Male Author Exposed

    I don't see why he does that though tbh, he's not going to appeal to anyone as an expert in the field if all he does is interact with stupid people and idiots online. He also looks like my grandad now and his stories are starting to become cringeful. There are people making more money then him...
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    Let's Be Real Here Pt.1 - "The wall" actually starts at 50

    As Pook and AD used to say, "Most men takle life like a series of tasks that need to be completed like a maths problem", A+B= C, They fail to realise that social interactions are not so simple, hence why it's sometimes easier to go back to that base logical explanation to get your point across...
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    Why is asking "what to say" so taboo on these kinds of sites?

    Funny how being in shape and having a casual chill demeanor makes most women act like stupid teenage girls laughing and gigling at every lame comment you make !!!
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    Women that do no talk much in dates

    Then she's sitting there wondering when you're going to take thre hint that she doesn't want to know your life story and just wants to get railed !
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    The Rational Male Author Exposed

    I'm a bit late to the party but why is Rollo still trying to act relevent in this day and age ?? Especially to this current generation that think the average OF girl is "HOT", they are just your modern day Stripper tbh. And why's he arguing with those Anime character losers ?? His material...
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    Women that do no talk much in dates

    Sounds like she was waiting for you to STFU and tell her to bend over !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: EDIT: No but really she was looking at you to escalate instead of yapping your mouth my man. Talking is lame you gotta engage the body and the mind. How you do that is up to you tbh.