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  1. Eric Hawkins

    She said, "I miss you."

    Thank you all for your replies. It seems that she has calmed a bit since I did not respond to her manipulation. I'm guessing that she is having a hard time believing that I am happy and content just being a father. Sure, a nice lady to share my time would be great. But, my common sense is...
  2. Eric Hawkins

    She said, "I miss you."

    They got along really good for the longest time. They would joke, have shaving cream fights, etc. I had a few medical problems last year. She would send pictures of them together and they looked like they were having a good time. But, when it became apparent that my little girl would be moving...
  3. Eric Hawkins

    She said, "I miss you."

    I am in an interesting situation. My ex girlfriend (we cohabitated) moved out about two months ago. I do not doubt that she loves me. I love her. So, what is the problem? The I'm "I'm not in love with her" situation. While we were together, she helped me a lot. But, when my 13 year old daughter...