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    I ended this relashionship finally

    Guys, I just break up yesterday with my one-year relationship. I couldn't stand more with her insecurity and her little games and provocations, although I have give her signs to change her behaviour many times. She did all to stop me but I stood with my decision. Never a guy had break with her...
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    My girl wants me to say "I Love You"

    Well, she's insisting on that ****, I dont' tell her, I just tell her that what counts is acts not words, and if I'm with her and we do things together, that speaks for itself. She gets sad and stupid nevertheless... 1st: Is my response right on a DJ point of view? 2nd: Is this a bad sign...
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    Advice on this dilemma

    I’m 29. This is my dilemma: I have this girlfriend from about a year now; I always knew she wasn’t my “life” girl, although she sees me that way. I have kept things going... Well, now I’ve meet this blonde where exist a strong mutual attraction and we started something, we see after hours...
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    I need some help & advice.

    Do you realize she only told you this because she may be expecting from that guy? Also the thing in the drink is probably lie. If she lied on another things she can lie on this too. Personally I cannot tell you to do this or that because it's a personal and painfull decision. I can tell...
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    Any advice?--dump job

    Maybe he is more charming than you, and that rich thing is just an excuse you mentally give to yourself.
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    Rate the date!

    It seems the date went well, but that doesn't mean nothing yet... I would make a move next date if I was you. I had first dates like yours in the past and I lost the girls because I didn't had the courage to make a move when I should. It is risky thought, but that's the nature of the DJ...
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    Why not say "All I Want Is Sex"?

    You are right... because you live in America, where chicks are psychological sick to the bone. Ulex
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    Why not say "All I Want Is Sex"?

    Disagree on "plenty of women just want sex". Even if they say that they don't mean it... They always want the emotions of being in love, the game of attraction and conquest. And in last case, if they really just want sex, they are masculine chicks or flawed chicks; not the kind of woman a DJ...
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    What's your opinion on this situation?

    Thanks but you get the wrong picture, the best friend I'm discribing is hers...
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    What's your opinion on this situation?

    I’ve been ****in*** this 26 years old girl frequently in secrecy for about 3 weeks. She seems to enjoy me a lot, she never says no to me. She’s divorced. She’s very unstable emotionally. When I meet her she had a boyfriend which she didn’t like, but the problem was they shared a house. She has...
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    People who MAKE FUN of us, DJs...

    My best friend is an 80% AFC and has the same behaviour you describe towards Sosuave. I have quit trying to elucidate him. If one is not open to learn, then it's useless.
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    The art of email seduction?

    OK, I am exaggerating a bit, still some AFC in me. But when she says: "I ear nice words from other men, but no like yours... I missed you to..." I can't help it! :p Still you are right in criticizing me. Ulex
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    The art of email seduction?

    I'm in a similar situation right now, I see this woman at night (we are starting a relashionship) and during the day while at work we exchange emails. I'm very careful about what I write. I keep it short, simple, romantic without being sentimental. I write a mixture of normal conversation...
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    Always remember guys, please read......

    That's strength - your attitude towards life, and to post in this sad day, fellow DJ friend. My condolences, Ulex
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    She’s extremely jealous – bad sign?

    Hi DJ’s. I’m having a relationship with this girl from about 2 weeks. She’s 26. She adores me and I like the girl. But she’s extremely jealous. I’m doing the detachment thing with her, being independent from her; but of course, giving her the deserved attention. We don’t see during the day...
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    Simple Seduction Techniqes

    There's no straight technique to get laid; it all depends on your DJ abilities in general. But here's something original you can use: say you are an abstainer (from sex), that you choose this life of abstinence and asceticism... Don't forget that you * choose this life *. Ulex
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    Need help fast: She asked "Do you say these things to other girls?"

    I write beautiful things to this woman by email, and she asked me "I feel you are a very special man. Do you say these things to other girls?" What should I answer? Ulex
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    “All the girls fancy you, but they think you’re gay.”

    You should be careful with the more manly approach. I recently have been hanging around with a group of girls and I started not showing interest, while they were all over me. Some of them call me gay. Then I decide to make a move on two of them, and it was a disaster. I almost loose them all...
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    The Cold/Distant/Mysterious vs. the Kino/Funny/Dancer DJ type

    Which one is the ultimate DJ?
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    Guys, PLEASE stop being so sensitive

    I think the decision to “Next” a girl should be made on a case-to-case basis. One should analyse the reasons why the girl gave a refusal, and many times one may conclude that the error was not with the girl, but with oneself. As an example, most girls in traditional environments will only enter...