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    Field Report: Friendly Relation

    I met this girl in the club 5 years ago. We went for few dates but they felt more like friends meeting – we did not kiss or touch each other. She seemed very reserved. After some time this relation slowly ended. During the last five years we accidentally bumped into each other and talked for a...
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    Excuse = not interested

    That is why I written "if it is valid". If you know that it is true you can not expect her to meet you in such situation. Good indicator is if she propose some other time. Of course you can have at most 2 grand mothers so change of something like this happening is really low. I see a lot of good...
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    Excuse = not interested

    If she making some exuse it means the excuse is more important than you. If the execuse is small like "I can't because I wan't to watch TV show" it means you are less important than TV show so it means that she is saying no to you. If excuse is big and valid e.g. "my granpa is ill. She is in...
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    Taking it Slow - What it really means and how it's a Threat to Your Survival

    It never worked for me when I took things slow. All my LTR and ONS were fast so nowadays I treat it as rejection.
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    Girl strategy book lists

    I tried to find that book but couldn't. Can you provide any link?
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    It's less about having 'game' and more about NOT having 'anti game'

    The problem is that people very rarely knows what their anti productive behaviours are. They just see that their life could be better but they don't know what need to be changed.
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    Being bitter about female behaviour = pointless

    I understand your point. Logically it is best thing to do but I also know that all these rejection and plowing from one cold approach to another makes me bitter and resentful towards woman. Even though my logically mind supports what you said emotions always win with logic.
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    Where to start?

    That's so true but there is downside to this. You build some frendship around some activities then when activities ends e.g. due to seasonality friendship also end because you met each other only during these activities. Also find and activity that will allow some time for talking e.g. you take...
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    The Greatest Advice to Myself. [Signing off]

    I'll tell you my story of weight loss. You might find some tactics useful. I used to weight 113kg now I'm 75kg. I'm 185cm. My whole diet was build around these assumptions: 1. Consistency and diet is a key. You don't have to work out but it's healthy. On the other side I think you were overdoing...
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    How to use 48 laws of power on this guy and general advice?

    You know the situation the best so read the book and see if any of the laws rings the bell. If any law apply then use it then describe results on the forum.
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    Boot Camp for The Mature Man

    Where can I find boot camp missions?
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    PUA skills

    This is off topic. Use private messages or make new thread.
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    PUA skills

    I liked magic bullets it describes simple method based on cold reads and has a lot of canned material.
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    Why do so many people think bars/clubs are a good way of meeting women?

    You just said you are rich and you worry about costs?
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    The red pill and music

    I've noticed that moast of the music is very romantic in blue pill manner so I don't listen to words to much so they don't sink into my subconsciousness
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    Good Tinder Profile

    I have created tinder profile but have only few matches in 3 weeks. Do you have any positive experience with that app and share some hints what comprises good tinder profile. I know it's mainly photos but what kind of photos would maximize results.
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    Honing sense of humor

    I like my conversations to be funny and stimulating. Sometimes I rely on my own sense of humor but it is very situational. I'm having hard time to start conversations in funny ways. Because of that I rely on scripts that I got from other PUAs and I've tested they work. Downside is I have very...
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    Why did she suddenly text me?

    There are 100000 possibilities so how would anyone know? More important is your reaction to her. You knew something is fishy so it's good. You were non needy so that is also good. You escaleted by trying to meet her in person instead of wasting time on stupid messages so its also good. She got...
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    Best YouTubers to listen to (while working)

    For me it's opposite. I'm mostly treated as relationship material -- if women sleeps with me she sticks for long time. Basically it's hard for me to get some quick and frequent ONS