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    Friend of girl I hooked up with texts me out of the blue

    So, met this group of girls that are visiting the country last week, texted with one and ended up hooking up. These girls know each other since last week, so AFAIK there's no deep relationship other than they are all living together in a single apartment. After that we kept texting and blah...
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    Dating and being an only child

    Yeah, me too
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    Dating and being an only child

    I mean, she didn't say that I was an only child, she asked me about having brothers/sisters. But yeah, maybe I ****ed it up along the date. The problem arises when that instantly cuts 50% of your dating pool because of some stuff you clearly can't do **** about.
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    Dating and being an only child

    I try my best to talk as little as possible, and make the woman do most of the talking herself. I talked with this woman for 2 months because we live in different cities. On the date, she started the kino the very first minute we sat down. She was laughing and very talkative. We went to play...
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    Dating and being an only child

    So, I'm an only child, and most people think I'm spoiled. It doesn't get any better with women. One date a girl just started chanting about how I got all the attention from my parents, got all the gifts and so on and so fort. For context, this girl started following me on IG out of the blue...