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    Question For The Forum - Penis Enlargement

    She's not an 8, maybe a 5. She likes big ****s, that's for sure:) If you want to compare yourself with other men, may I suggest: https://bl.ocks.org/abovethemean/raw/9395398/ How to measure: http://www.drchakravarthy.com/clinic/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/measure-penis-size.jpg
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    The most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

    Lots of ugly women in this thread. My choice: Charlene Tilton http://www.mielofon.com/actress/charlene_tilton/charlene-tilton-007.jpg
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    Michael Ruppert - Peak Oil, collapse

    -Mr Positive If you ever wanted to bet on a sure thing, this is it. One of these days we are going to see oil at $500 a barrel. Oil is power. Plain and simple. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/adrianmichaels/100043006/china-does-another-big-energy-deal-in-the-global-fight-for-resources/
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    Goal Setting Goal Sharing Websites

    ;) http://www.stevepavlina.com/forums/
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    post a picture of a celeb that is most like the type that you are attracted to

    Sure! http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/kate-winslet/kate-winslet-20080107-359737.jpg
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    Michael Ruppert - Peak Oil, collapse

    So you think it´s a good idéa for us to plunder scarce mineral resources such as lithium, aluminium, rare earths and so on, to make electrical vehicles? We have to come up with something better than that.;)
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    So how about that oil ...

    Live Oil Spill: http://www.bp.com/liveassets/bp_internet/globalbp/globalbp_uk_english/incident_response/STAGING/local_assets/html/Enterprise_ROV_2.html
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    Since stock threads seem to be popular now, here's some non-penny ideas

    Interesting discussion. I´d just like to include a rare interview with one of the greatest investors of all time: Walter Schloss http://www.bengrahaminvesting.ca/Resources/Video_Presentations/Guest_Speakers/Schloss.htm
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    Which of these 3 girls is the hottest?

    I'd prefer Kate Hudson, but OK, I'll take Kendra then.
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    I'm quitting porn FOREVER

    Try to replace your bad habits with good ones. Ever thought about signing up for an aerobics class? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZFGmzPzekc
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    Roissy Maxims

    And why not also include his "Sixteen Commandments of Poon".;) I. Never say ‘I Love You’ first II. Make her jealous III. You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority IV. Don’t play by her rules V. Adhere to the golden ratio VI. Keep her guessing VII. Always keep two in...
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    Her New Boyfriend...(sigh)

    Oh, Come on! You know you want one. http://cgi.ebay.com/YELLOW-SHOCK-WAVE-PANASONIC-WALKMAN-AM-FM-CASSETTE_W0QQitemZ110421107589QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCassette_Players?hash=item19b59c6385&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14#ht_500wt_967
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    Training to be a Navy SEAL. These good work outs? Gracias

    The Navy SEALs Workout is a 55 minute routine that was filmed at the Naval Special Warfare Center. Navy SEAL instructors effortlessly lead BUD/S trainees through a rigorous PT session. This is actually a compilation of several workouts led by various instructors and combined into one video...
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    What do you think about this story?

    You know so much about these things. What do you make out of this story? What is the lesson to be learned?
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    Movies to check out

    I just watched it. You were right, it's a great movie.
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    Movies to check out

    I'll add a couple of movies I like. Pet cemetary Ran Das boot Deliverance Full metal jacket Love story The man with two brains Ringu Terminator 2 Kagemusha The fly Rocco invades poland An officer and a gentleman The sixth sense The stepford wives(1975) Gallipoli Year of the...
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    Funniest videos on YouTube

    Ha ha!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5blbv4WFriM
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    Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions

    Yes, We're in phase 2 now. Excellent post Tao Walker.:up: MOSCOW, March 19 (Reuters) - China and other emerging nations back Russia's call for a discussion on how to replace the dollar as the world's primary reserve currency, a senior Russian government source said on Thursday. Russia has...
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    What's Your Favorite Cologne Picks?

    I like "Greeen Irish Tweed" by Creed. Here's the other cologne thread that somebody mentioned. http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18270 If you need some guidance.:up: http://www.youtube.com/user/tswetcoff