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    She broke up with me over text need help.

    Never thought of it that way. That's hilarious.
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    She broke up with me over text need help.

    Not responding conveys a covert implication that it's getting to you. You know this because her first reaction would be "omg are you alright", "I didn't mean to hurt you", "are you going to say anything" and other self-serving bull****. 'OK' conveys indifference which of course it the best...
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    Passive income

    Affiliate marketing is a decent option, but do it the right way. Pick something you enjoy doing, then contact companies who are making money doing that very thing. If you like Karate, then contact self-defense studios, etc. Ask them if they'll pay you X amount of money for every new customer...
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    Attractive Women With Husbands/Boyfriends Hitting on Me

    A possibility except that my tab was closed out, and I tip them well every time. One of them even had my name before I told her my name. There were no mentions of boyfriends, only "girl friends".
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    Attractive Women With Husbands/Boyfriends Hitting on Me

    As the journey of self-improvement continues and as excellent progress is made, I've noticed a new behavior I've not seen before. I'm being approached and hit on by women with boyfriends or husbands. A few nights ago, I was at a local bar alone after work and BOTH bartenders (HB 7s easy)...
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    True Hatred of Women - What's Going on?

    PPRF, you make some good points, others not so much. With women I have pretty much no tolerance for many of the negative aspects of their nature up to and including stalking their exes then bitching about it to the point of asking for advice on things. I expect this behavior from children, not...
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    True Hatred of Women - What's Going on?

    Thanks brother. You are correct 100%.
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    True Hatred of Women - What's Going on?

    I decided to wait a bit before answering here. Looking over my post, it's clear I was in a state of rage when I posted and wanted to wait it out a bit. Thanks for the responses. It's encouraging to know I can always come here for real talk no matter how hard some of the advice is to take at...
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    True Hatred of Women - What's Going on?

    I't been a few years since I've been here, but I need to get my head right because things aren’t working right now. I've noticed lately I'm starting to hate women. It’s a feeling that goes beyond the "frustrated" in AFC. It's a true hatred that you'd just have to experience to understand. I’m...
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    Modern society want men and women so equal...

    The ONLY reason I'd ever want a female in a foxhole with me would be for sex or comfort. That's it, and that's honest. If I got injured in combat, I'd only trust men to handle the situation in a calm manner and react appropriately. My friend who is in the ARMY assures me that there are many...
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    Younger girls

    I just moved to CO. Legal age of consent is 15? Hmmm, the possibilities!
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    I hate when this happens... foul smelling snatch

    HA! This happened to another friend of mine. He was all excited he was going to be hitting a new plate. She came over that night and he went down on her and was like "why does it taste so salty?" She started laughing. Turns out she was with some dude a few hours earlier and never even...
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    I hate when this happens... foul smelling snatch

    Hahahaha, and for anyone thinking medicine is like Grey's Anatomy, think again!
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    how to explain to her this is just casual.

    Do what they do, "I'm not looking for anything serious right now. You're OK with that right?"
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    I hate when this happens... foul smelling snatch

    I had a friend once who went down a chick in a dimly lit room. After a few seconds he realized something was off and went to the restroom to find his mouth and teeth covered in blood. Turns out chick was on the rag, and he had dried blood stuck in his clear braces for almost a month after...
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    I hate when this happens... foul smelling snatch

    Something told me not to click on this thread while eating my dinner. Did it anyway.
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    Girls often ask me if im gay??

    If you've bedded 70 girls since being here, who gives a sh!t?
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    Does NOT pursuing women ever work?

    Speaking from personal experience, I tend to not pursue cold very often. I'll usually ask a woman out in the first conversation if we connected. Otherwise I just leave it alone simply because I've got a busy agenda. I know my strengths, and cold approaching is very unnatural to me. I have...
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    Why doesn't she stay over

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    She wants to be chased

    Sounds you're not the guy she wants. Move on sir! Never change yourself to meet a woman's expectations. What's will she get pissed about next? Your c*ck size? Your wallet? Your job? No thanks.