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    Shaving legs & other body parts

    Wear that hair on your chest with pride! Think David Hasselhoff.
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    Our professor taught us about AFC!!

    Nope, you're thinking about sunk costs. Once spent they cannot be recovered. Fixed cost is the cost that does not change(with the amount of output), but is present everytime a new unit is produced.
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    Our professor taught us about AFC!!

    Yep he taught us about average fixed costs! ..Gotcha!
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    Faithful girls...lmao!

    inconclusive Dude, you're only looking at a minority of women. Futhermore and more importantly, you're looking for trash in junkyard, you'll definetly find it. Let me be more specific, for the "Are you interested application" to work the other person must have it installed too. So looking for...
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    fear versus reality

    I am with Rand on this one.
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    Do you guys know what you are attracted to in a woman?

    I geniuinely believe some of the analysis in here should be in the tips section. Particulary that of joekerr and A-uint. Except I still do not get the part about Rand's perception of love. Perhaps its just too idealistic for me. Realistically speaking, I could never imagine someone of Rearden's...
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    My Amazing LTR GF has a "Bad Past"

    Age matters Personally, I think she was really young when she did all that crap. A sure sign of maturity is honesty and her willingness and courage to face her past. On the other hand, she din't tell you this right of the bat, just to be honest. It was part of a game before you were even...
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    List of Movies That Will CHANGE Your Life

    A movie that inspires you to live life to your full potential - Good will hunting Movies about what maketh a man - war movies.. tons of these, saving private ryan, band of brothers(not a movie but it really shows you the meaning of courage honour bravery and camaraderie). Also inspirational are...
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    Attitude & Insecurities

    Hey Killa, that post should be a new post in the TIPS section. The jealously and cheating part was really something that was plaguing me. At times it wasnt so bad, because I refuse to let it bother me, at times it was really bad. I couldnt put my finger down on to what exactly it was that made...
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    If you had to find a "wife" in a month, how would you do it?

    You could try hiring an escort to pretend to be your wife. hehe just kidding. Why would you want to anyway? If its just pressure from your community, best to stand up to them and say 'NO'. Do what YOU want.Sure you're parents and relatives have supported you for the past 20+ odd years, but the...
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    What to do when a girl asks "how big is your **ck"?

    Stick out the end of your pinky, pause and say with a wink and a smile, "But I know how to use it"
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    made a long overdue approach

    hey. So just approached a girl today that I had a sort of "stalker like" attraction to 2 years ago(my first year in university). I hadnt seen her in months and infact am already seeing someone else, so when I saw her today, some of the feelings started creeping back in. This was in the morning...
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    Patience: What truly makes a Don Juan

    makes sense. I thought a little a more about it and it makes perfect sense to me. I offer the two points of view: MAN: What?! she slept with me on the first date! Wonder how many other guys have gotten so lucky? she must be a ho! I better bail, definatly not long-term dating material...
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    Patience: What truly makes a Don Juan

    This one definatly deserves a BUMP! I think what I really found useful was that sex is to men as what "love" is to a woman. You can never show that you "love" a woman too quickly, just as you wouldnt want a woman to put out immediately. We all have standards in different areas of life.
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    Fifteen Lessons

    BUMP:yes: Except for lesson 14. If you expect the girl to be faithful and loyal why cant you? Ofcourse she has to demand the exclusivity(sp?) first. Oh and the pook spirit sure likes to slap the young man (increasing kino?:p )
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    AD's machine

    I've been a lurker for quite some time. Below are 10 posts(Anti-Dump's machine by pook) that I think oughto be resurrected. Note these are only for guys who are looking for LTR's. No speed seduction tips, or quick guide to laying women here, so if thats what you're looking for, stop reading now...