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    JackRyan's Workout Log

    You never really explain how much weight you are lifting. Though it has been about 7 years, I have gone from 155lbs. to 210lbs. by increasing the amount of weight I lift. You could also try eating other foods including one of my favorites Ground Turkey Chili, with kidney beans, onions...
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    Every day you wait, your choices decrease..

    If you allow it to be true, then it will be.
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    Nfl Draft

    Darren McFadden
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    Cheating, and why I'll do it next time around

    Great post!!!
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    Does Size Matter?

    I command honesty from my female friends and girlfriend and have told me size does matter.
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    Why do chicks think it's ok to be fat?

    Well, the question becomes, "what do you think is fat?" If a guy thinks a 140lb and she is 5'4" woman is fat, does that mean she doesn't want to improve? Some may not consider her to be fat, and many will say she is a large whale. Yes, there are some people that do not care if they are...
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    Why do chicks think it's ok to be fat?

    why does the guy have to be desperate? what if he likes fat/bigger women? what about the guys that like women with no confidence...is that desperation too? What about a fat girl that is in the process of losing weight? If you just saw her walking around town at 270lbs, you never know if...
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    Why do chicks think it's ok to be fat?

    This thread is ridiculous; there about 5 intelligent posts on this board, the rest are people complaining. Do you think fat/big girls care what you think??? No, they seem to have more confidence than skinny girls...and more confidence than all you AFCs combined. I have never read so many...
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    Why do chicks think it's ok to be fat?

    this is a great post!!!!!!!!
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    We aren't comfortable with each other

    maybe it was that time of the month for her or maybe she didnt shave her legs.
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    MYSPACE INSTRUCTIONS - from 1st message to 1st date (VERY INFORMATIVE)

    ...or bands!!! My space has done wonders for me and my music.
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    Do you think putting, "No fat chicks"...

    Many girls (whether they are fat or not) think that they are FAT. Do what you must but couldn't you just ignore them, instead of trying to be cool pointing out that you do not want fat chicks???
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    this is a little weird

    You are causing your own mental demise.
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    Helping Women emotionally

    good words
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    escort vs dating a money money gf

    Your friend sounds like a bum, and those girls sound like they do not have any self esteem.
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    It works,no questions asked. Just approach.

    When they are genuine, compliments work.
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    would you have sex with a fat chick?

    a 45 year old fat chick?
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    A woman who I've known, wants in my pants...

    You better hurry up then because women are more impatient than men....
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    A woman who I've known, wants in my pants...

    What has she said or done that gives you the impression she wants in your pants? If she did say it, that means she is waiting for you to just "do it!"... take the chance. She knows you hold back and therefore calls you a nice guy. Hang out with her one day, go for a drink, then make your move.