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    Gf or new single friends?

    Hey man, I'm your exact age and in the same situation. What I've found out to work is to focus on yourself more as being single equates to having the ability to focus on yourself more. You aren't splitting your time etc, so I go to the gym daily and really focused on health. Second, improve...
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    Where are these slvts?

    THis is all you need to know. This is it dude. Read it remember it do it!! I went to a stripclub 3 times. talked up the same girl doing these exact things and hit later. she was easily a 9.2. Nobody will ever resist a ****y/funny playful guy who turns on the sexuality. Never be scared to...
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    Instead of writing same thing on each thread, I will put this here.

    some girls need 0 alcohol. none. they will put out just as well and have a good time etc without drinking. if they drink its just a college ho type setup which is anyone remotely normal can do what they want. thats a different convo. just show interest and not be a borefest. dinner is fine...
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    super AFC - where do i start??? Need Help to turn life around

    seanj, follow curtains advice, great post to your questions. Start with the DJ bible, couple it with an excercise routine. Bodybuilding.com has a great 16 week workout chart layed out for training to jumpstart you back into shape. Select a great diet, get 8 hours of sleep and go out...
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    FR: Mall salesgirl

    leo, if you're ever in northern va, im down to wing. Falcon, that was the greatest post of all time. it sums up this whole website and interaction with women who show some ioi and that you're not home free just yet. sig material
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    J0n's Field Report Log

    Damn Jon, you've taken your ballz to elite status. elite ballz. to say that to her dad far exceeds approaching a chick. Including the guy is amazing also, damn that is some high level talent man. You've truly ascended. Perfect practice makes perfect. Nice man! keep the reports coming!!
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    Back in the game... met a HB 8,5... How to proceed?

    you're doing a good job. You are entering the "cautious" zone now though. This is where she can know if you can be manipulated, owned by the pvssy, pedestal her after sex etc. Just stay cool and make sure you never give yourself up for her. just enjoy your time when you feel like having a good...
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    I love my LTR but have constant urges to fool around.

    the best setup is a girl who is down with you and other girls and shell play with the girls but will not do anything with other men. THis way, your relationship has a girl you can bond to and when you need another woman she'll go and find them and u have threesomes but no men. I am not down...
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    Is my girlfriend ****ing her ex?

    text other girls and just call the m coworkers. go out to happy hour with girls and then just act cool. when she calls her tel her your busy. flirt in her face. then when she is pissed and wants to have a talk. dont do anything and just go upto her and TEAR it up hard! then resume life. The ex...
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    Is my girlfriend ****ing her ex?

    yes there is more. At the end of the day. The end of the end of the day. Only one type of F8Cking matters. ONly one type that is truly needed to completely dominate a woman inside out and have her as a soldier who follows orders level of dominance. Any command or anything u want. That...
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    "Single Women Going For Taken Men" - Why?

    you don't need to be in a ltr or dating to get the girls to go after you but you need to be "around" or "Friends" with women. (random names) Example: Joe goes in a bar alone, looks clean crisp and nice. He will be able to meet women if he aggressively runs some game, but he'd have to...
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    Breaking the Ice on the Train

    a rule of thumb for train "game" is to always calibrate your game relative to the drop off point. You're game cant be too heavy and deep then you close but the ride has a lot longer to go. Awkward. Or better yet you get rejected but cant leave since your stop isn't coming up. Learn her stop...
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    Desdinova Goes To Bootcamp (journal)

    Desdi, in the slots from 10 am - 2pm what works is sheer practicality of the day. This means if you go to the post office or store and a girl is standing and not walking 30 mph you have the ability to initiate. You have to intiate and say something to catch her off guard but not like hey...
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    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    That scent beyond a shadow of a doubt was Armani's Aqua di Gio. The greatest cologne of all time
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    Tihash's Daytime Approach Journal

    this is a quality thread. your posts and approaches are so raw and real it's inspiring man. Keep posting, many people are reading it all the time! Perhaps try a different approach 1 out of 10 times. An example would be instead of saying "can i ask you something" or "excuse me" if a girl...
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    I've deciphered her text!

    mods, please disable this guy from starting threads. your thread got deleted earlier yet you post again regarding the mentally challenged girl? go read the dj bible fully and take a breather from starting threads. your power AFC ness eminates way too strongly. You need to read up. The dj...
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    has anyone ever noticed....

    well you are 31 and that is the "peak" but I don't know what to tell you about that other problem though
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    look at the field report threads. You will see the severity of not letting things go by like this. Take this as a learning experience for future situations. The male mind will not think about pain and logic in the long run, but that moment of fear, that scary approach time is all it thinks...
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    Cold Approach Theory

    As a black male let me chime in here. I know what you are talking about when you are in a group and some girls look at the white guy. But, to be honest there are different kinds of white girls. Some are totally into black guys only, whereas others are totally into white guys. You can't be a...
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    The Absolute Truth about Online Dating

    ooook, how can anyone take you seriously? You are the same guy who asks if its gay to suk your own d1ck since u do? wow man seriously gtfoh for having the guts to clown online dating when you are giving yourself head