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    Games Anyone?

    so do i keep pursuing her....like she will txt hope you have a good day, or about how a certain music artist reminds me of her.....but do i need to back off a little or keep going full throttle? All my lady friends have said to ignore her completly?:trouble:
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    Games Anyone?

    So I meet a 8.5 Friday night. We hit it off but im playing guitar at the bonfire we are at so she doesn't get too much attention. Later that night she txtd me from a buddys phone and i got her number. Saturday we went and hung out and just had real good chemistry and only made out. She texted...
  3. L

    I need "chemistry" in order to have sex with a girl

    true Man im with you on this one.....If i am not emotionally attracted to a girl, as well as physically....its hard for me too....i also think the thrill of the chase....but who doesnt like that
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    Living at home with parents is possibly hurting my game.

    haha this is me too Well i have layed quite a few girls at my house. Good thing to know that im not the only one who feels slightly stupid.....you just gotta man up and do it though....Im 22 and graduate in a year....im saving to move out next year and buy a house, so living with them seems...
  5. L

    when she doesnt text you back?

    .... It always has you thinking...did they get it....is their phone dead...wtf isnt she responding....yeah it happens
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    Well last night was amazing

    hear this Ok update time.....We had class Thursday and she was upset about a grade she made on a paper. I dont try to console her too much but i showed a little concern. Friday I didnt get off until 6:30 and on my way home, i thought i would give her a call to see how she felt. (she works at...
  7. L

    Well last night was amazing

    ok so..... I saw her at class, and she acted great.....really touchy feely, and all that good stuff.......i texted her last night though and much to my suprise no f'n response, not even today....So is this a game she is playing or what....because i will not chase a woman, theres too many out...
  8. L

    Well last night was amazing

    Okay so this girl I have been talking to/hanging out with, from college called me up last night and asked me if i thought that she makes things too complicated.....she told me that she puts up a guard around people because she doesnt want to get hurt (you know the speech)and blah blah.....So she...
  9. L

    Just a little confusing

    Very Right That is exactly the way it is.....I show intrest though, i didnt mean that i didnt....i just dont show obvious (im really into you) kinda intrest, because that will kill a vibe quick.....I know shes into me....i just think it may take a little more time before her defense mechanism...
  10. L

    Just a little confusing

    Most of the time there are no issues when dating someone....i can usually read girls well......except this one. I met her in class, got the number, she started calling me at night, we went out. Everything was fine and this type of behavior has gone on for about a week and a half. Heres the...
  11. L

    Fifteen Lessons

    amazing one of the best ive ever read
  12. L

    I need help

    girls are nuts......she said she had so much fun and would Love to go out again.....then she acts shady as hell
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    I need help

    That is amazing....the gift of missing me....hell it worked for a year (since we broke up) I have found that reading yalls post and the articles is really helping me to keep my head on straight and not go with my emotions.....emotions are strong sometimes....and wrong sometimes
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    I need help

    yeah I know how to play the game for sure......i think the fact that i genuinely love this girl makes me think too much......Love is a game right? Girls want what they cant have
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    I need help

    So i dated this girl for five years. We broke up because she got heavly involved in a local ministry, and she told me that she needed to put God first in her life, and that she had always put me first. (What can you say to that?) It has been a year and a half since we broke up and we have...