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    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    DJ's, I present to you, the ladykiller: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ALESSANDRO-DELL-ACQUA-1-7-oz-EDT-Men-Cologne-NIB-/170621585046?pt=fragrance&hash=item27b9d6c696 Alessandro Dell'Acqua. Threw like $80 down on it in England when it came 1st in the FHM cologne poll. Worth every penny...I accept no...
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    Adapting to single life...and 'chasing' a 10.

    Err...are you for real?! How can you say that knowing NOTHING of the situation, history or exchanges surrounding the separation? Instead of blowing my top here I'm going to ignore Officer Morals and move on.
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    ** Do NOT sleep w/ chicks you work with **

    I'm sleeping with a chick who ATTENDS the College where I work...though she graduates in 3 weeks. And I get along fantastically well with a colleague whom is super-sexually driven and singles me out for talks and catch-ups, though we've already sworn to not fornicate 'coz it might be awkward...
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    Adapting to single life...and 'chasing' a 10.

    So...since my last post I've contacted her once in reply to a message she sent (5 hours later) and things seem good. I walked past her in the computer lab today and placed a bottle of her favourite pop on the desk, without saying a word. She texted me to say thanks and next time we crossed paths...
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    Adapting to single life...and 'chasing' a 10.

    I appreciate the feedback. It's the first time I've really looked at the psychology of it all. I've not contacted her today, though she texted me a :) a few hours ago, whatever that's supposed to mean. In a way this would be a much easier/more enjoyable scenario if we didn't have to see each...
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    Adapting to single life...and 'chasing' a 10.

    I totally agree, and am aware, though unpracticed in terms of what to do about it. I've not pestered her, but am so used to regular contact with someone whom I 'connect' with that it seems almost uncomfortable to do the opposite. Given, I've played the indifferent, blase, busy guy throughout...
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    Adapting to single life...and 'chasing' a 10.

    Good afternoon! Firstly, just found this forum and it makes for a truly interesting read. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read/respond! A little about me, I'm 26, emigrated from England 4 years ago with my common-law spouse and our daughter. We now have 2 little girls though are...