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    Fifteen Lessons

    Thank you!
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    Brak86's Journal

    Just readying your progress inspires me to want to go out. I've been wanting to do cold approachs for the longest time, but have been hestitant due to fear. Except now I feel more confident to step it up. I'm going to wait a week though, read up on different things such as eliciting values, c+f...
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    "The mind is everything, what we think we become." - Buddha Gotama This is an ancient Buddist quote, but yet it's still holds true today. If one thinks they're a winner, they become a winner. If one thinks they're a loser, they become a loser. Think about it. Last time you thought positive of...
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    Girl with bf.....

    Go for it. Not as ****ed up as finding out a girl had a bf for 7 years, but doesn't mention it until getting w/ her for over a month.
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    It's funny when it's the Hot Babe that's all nervous and flustered!

    I like your post man. There's some really good advice in there.
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    Really Need Some Honest Advice...

    Thanks for the advice there Mjazz. Lol.
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    "Leaders of the pack" 2007 New Years Resolutions!

    1) Education *Keep a 3.0 average *Learn some Japanesse *Start reading more constantly from the DJ bible *Become more confident *Become more Alpha 2) Appearance *Lift on average schedule and stick with it *Gain muscle *Run and swim more on a weekly basis *Gain increase in speed and...
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    Any Experiences With Step Nieces, Sisters etc.,?

    Wtf? Dude. No. I wouldn't do it. Just because you said so much s*** that's in family. Also, just because the word niece is in it. It just sounds wrong. BTW what state are you in that allows you to marry your first cousin?
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    Really Need Some Honest Advice...

    Thanks. Feels like I've really been letting myself down in life. Got to step up. Seems like I spend so much time wondering what the problem is and how I got there when I should really focus on fixing the problem and moving on. Kind of always been a problem of mine dwelling on the past mistakes...
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    Someone who really knows, please help. Complex situation. *long read*

    Glad I could help you. All I got say to you is who comes first in your life? You or her? Do what's best for you.
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    Really Need Some Honest Advice...

    Bascially I became the person I wanted and the DJ I wanted to be a few months back. Ended up with some girl, but s*** turned sour and I ended up wasting six months of my life it feels like. Now I feel lost, insecure, and really unsure of myself and who I am now. I want to be that person again...
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    Someone who really knows, please help. Complex situation. *long read*

    Truth is unfortunely people change over time. Look you even said you changed since you first went out with her. Yeah, unfortunely I can relate to you in way on this. In this past few months the girl I cared for the world over has changed and not just her but me too. I cared more for this girl...
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    IMPORTANT: Eliminate ****blockers???

    Posted by Thomas93045: Can you give more details of what happened? A lot of times, maintaning your cool is all that's needed. For example, the guy that was unsuccessful all semester.. Well, if he's been unsuccessful all semester, then he'll likely be unsuccessful again. Relax, and use him...
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    IMPORTANT: Eliminate ****blockers???

    Originally posted by Faded Image: You have to be the sun that blocks out all the stars. Think about what I'm telling you to do. I'll tell you what I'm talking about after you respond. Okay I think you mean that I have to know I'm better or I have to be better. Kind of not sure.
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    Girlfriend Flirts with Other Guys in Front of Me

    DO TO HER WHAT SEE DOES TO YOU...kino other girls. Jealousy. God can girls be so jealous of other girls. Use it to your advantage.
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    IMPORTANT: Eliminate ****blockers???

    How do eliminate ****blockers who are in your way of getting the girl? At a dance couple of weeks ago with a friend. These two girls were into, but these two *******s kept trying to get in the way. We ended up with the girls, but it was just annoying. Also, today was walking out of class with...
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    BootCamp - Clan of the Phoenix

    Is it to late to join? I actually started doing bootcamp two days ago, but having trouble staying motivated. Please klet me know back as soon as possible, I know I'm deff going to have to step it up if to meet the deadline by Thurs. Thanks.
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    Boot Camp Journal

    Day 3, Week 1 Okay, I go to the jump today. As i'm lifting right in front me a 6 & 7 come over to workout out on the machine. I totally p**** out. I'm pissed now, I let a good opportunity go to talk. I realized something after seeing those two girls. Part of me doesn't think I'm good enough and...
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    Boot Camp Journal

    Day 2, Week 1 I went to the mall today to get some cloths. As I’m walking around I keep see these couple 8’s coming toward me, and totally avoid eye contact. There when I went into this store called Aeropastale, I couldn’t even bring myself to even make eye contact w/ the girl employees and all...
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    Boot Camp Journal

    Day 1, Week 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok so started saying hi and eye contact today. Got about 10 his, but did do the hour eye contact thing for an hour also. it's odd but I really do feel more confident after doing it. It seemed...