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    Penkitten and I Are Getting Married

    Is this the first ever Sosuave wedding? (I mean, 2 DJ's marrying each other)? This is gonna be scary, your kids are gonna be super DJ's or something. I'd be very disappointed otherwise.
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    Live while you can; society gonna plunge in ~30yrs

    No, it doesn't make me an expert. But it does make me more informed on the matter than 98% of the general population. How many people do you know that researched, analyzed, and debated (not simply studied) on global issues for 10 weeks? And even if I'm not an expert, I know what experts are...
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    Live while you can; society gonna plunge in ~30yrs

    Paradox : Out of curiosity, what's your take on this issue? mitzer, bonhomme & anyone who agrees with my asessment: Good to have some support in here! Those who disagree with my assessment: I only respond to intelligent responses backed up by sound reasoning AND research. I'm...
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    Live while you can; society gonna plunge in ~30yrs

    damn... I had to pay $2.89/gal for gas to day. Forget my prediction from a few days ago that gas prices will be $5 by summer 2007. Try late 2006.
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    Live while you can; society gonna plunge in ~30yrs

    That's what I'm saying, WE shouldn't worry, at least not for ourselves. The current generation (20's - 40's) will still be able to live fairly comfortably. There's enough oil to support us. But, the decline in overall quality of life is beginning. It's the next generation that's going to bear...
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    Live while you can; society gonna plunge in ~30yrs

    I don't doubt there are people looking into the problem, but can you provide details (name of program, funding, etc)? The way politics work in this country (and most others) makes it nearly impossible to solve these problems. All elected officials have term limits, during which they'll do their...
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    Live while you can; society gonna plunge in ~30yrs

    Sure, maybe in the long term (another million yrs or so) environmental equilibrium can happen, but I'm talking about in a few decades, where human influence is causing all sorts of weather fluctuations. Well, the oil problem is gonna hit us a lot sooner than global warming anyway. By your...
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    Live while you can; society gonna plunge in ~30yrs

    Just a heads up for all you guys here. If anyone has any REALLY LONG term plans for the future, forget it. I just spent a quarter studying and debating issues that affect the entire world, and I've come to the conlusion that we're looking at a bleak future. The first issue is global warming...
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    Become your BEST self, then --Be Yourself--

    2xp: are you really in France? Are you French?
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    Become your BEST self, then --Be Yourself--

    Working on my "B" priorities right now. this tip deserves a bump
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    Society and Sexual Distortion

    Can someone do me a big favor and write a Cliff Notes version of this entire thread? :D
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    the loneliness on the road to becoming a true dj.

    Wow, I can't find a thread that describes my own situation better than this. I am now such a different person than I was a year ago. The good is that I've improved my looks, picked up some kick-ass skills in various things, and generally lead a much improved life. The bad is that I can't relate...
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    The Traps of Life

    bump!!!! There needs to be subfolder dedicated to 4-5 star posts like this.
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    best workout for shoulders, lateral delts specificaly

    IronG: what's "RC"? Army: What's the 90 degree lat raise? How's that different from the "regular" lat raise?
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    best workout for shoulders, lateral delts specificaly

    IronG: the exercises you listed work mainly the front deltoids. Since you're against machines, how do you think of db upright rows, db lateral raises, and db lying lateral raises?
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    best workout for shoulders, lateral delts specificaly

    Hi guys, I'm doing some routines to get big guns, and right now, my shoulders, especially the lateral deltoids, needs some serious muscle. What workout would you guys recommend to really focus on this area to develope it the fastest? I'm experimenting with cable lateral raises, cable upright...
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    Seducing the NiceGirl

    Correction: Fingers is A man.
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    Weapons Of Mass Seduction

    Just out of sheer curiousity, Mr. F, how old are you? Cuz you certaintly seem like a man with a lifetime of experiences, hell, TEN lifetimes of experiences.
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    Essence of Alpha

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    Creatine: How to use it? Also, qu. about Dextrose

    bump I would like to hear see more of those Qs answered too