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    Tuesday night "FR"

    You're a flat out clown. Ditch the alpha male bs persona, it will only get you hurt. Saying this stuff to complete strangers? How did you think they would take it? I don't care where you are in Philly and who you think you're dealing with... you have no idea what people are capable of...
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    Reasons why men should NOT ever have a "girlfriend"

    Thats a main source of those gut feelings. It happens to me too.
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    Hey, I'm Lush

    A Drexel DJ and a Spring Garden DJ... nice. I'm out in West Chester, but work in Center City. Old City or Manayunk are two good areas that have been good to me. Who else is from Philly?
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    My Return, and Gaming a Subversive Alpha Female

    When you become infatuated with an attention seeking girl w/ a boyfriend who strings AFC's along... you risk becoming one of those AFCs. Be careful.
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    Hey, I'm Lush

    Whats up Lush.. let me welcome you to SS. I hear what you're saying about laying off the monkey. Took me while to figure that one out myself. This a great forum full of tons of relevant, insightful info, tips and discussion. Just try to take it all in at your own pace and apply it to...
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    new years eve party

    I work in West Philly. I was also contemplating the trek up to NYC. I'm looking into the scene myself. If you find anything decent, PM me.
  7. D

    Red Flags

    I couldn't agree more. Let go of the mouse and keyboard. Stand up. Do as many push ups as you can until you max out. Go outside and run around the block 3 times at your top speed. Come back in, grab that cell of yours and contact some of the females in your phone. Turn off your...
  8. D

    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    You cannot go wrong with Creed. Creed makes some of the most sophisticated, sought after, and best smelling scents in the world. Silver Mountain Water by Creed is hands down the only cologne I will wear on a first date, or any night out when I know I will be surrounded by women.
  9. D

    Fish Oil and Neon Pee?

    This happens to me when I take the GNC Mega Men suppliment. Happens to my buddies too. Its normal.
  10. D

    Need A New Jersey Wingman....

    Where in Jersey..?
  11. D


    You nailed it. The way you choose to handle this breakup will mold you into the man you are about to become. You recognize this. Many others in similar situations are blind to this fact. When you bounce back, you'll be able to draw strength from how you managed to move on with your life in such...
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    Partners she's been with

    "When a girl tells you how many guys she's slept with, multiply it by three and that's the real number. Didn't you f*ckers learn anything in college?? " - Steve Stifler, American Pie 2
  14. D

    Forgot to get Number.....

    Sounds like she was into you. Not getting her number was a mistake, but recoverable only if you do it the right way. When you facebook her send a message along with your friend request. Ask for her number in that message. If you don't, she'll assume you're putting her in the facebook...
  15. D

    My Dad the married DJ

    So true. :up:
  16. D

    Crazy girl tryin to get pregnant

    Ditch. Her. Fast.
  17. D

    Woman send me an email after 8 months

    Roll with Danger's post.. you can't lose. Time to game her. Look at this chick as a bonus to whatever plates you are currently spinning. The mere fact that your email was in her inbox for 8 months says she sees you as someone she'd be willing sleep with. Play those cards right, have fun...
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    She forgot my birthday....

  19. D

    There is no sense in dating or relationships in this era

    Ahh those good ol Millersville women... they're like nuns compared to the many WCU slags I've been involved with over the years. :crackup:
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    Facebooking! Happy Bday Or No?

    If this is a girl who you're genuwinely interested in and trying to game, a short 2 minute phone call will come off as a more sincere and thoughtful gesture. However in addition, if you want to do the facebook birthday wish the right way... A lot of clowns will be sure to post their wall...