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    Need some advice regarding a chick I met online

    You've never met her so how can you tell if you 'really like her'? Perhaps you just like the attention for once.
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    What's Wrong With Single Mothers?

    Most single mothers are incredibly desperate too. There are some hot ones of course, but most should be ranked alongside fat chicks.
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    The frightening reality of online dating.

    Couldn't you have thought of a better analogy there? My way of learning had no risks involved.
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    The frightening reality of online dating.

    It's difficult to learn from others without going and and practicing for yourself. No two people are the same.
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    Dating a single mom.

    You're dating a single mum, who you're not sexually attracted to, and have no kids of your own? Damn
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    What's Wrong With Single Mothers?

    Depends if you want your own kids in future or her's.
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    What's Wrong With Single Mothers?

    Single mums are the easiest lays by far! Join any dating site and these ho's will bombard you. Obviously they're bottom of the barrel when it comes to obtainability.
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    The frightening reality of online dating.

    I've closed my account following this. Always knew women had an advantage online. I can clearly see now why people complain about women never replying, they're completely overwhelmed regardless of what game you may be using.
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    The frightening reality of online dating.

    Ha I've already spotted someone has been sending out messages from the account I made... ''   That's "our" first date, not "are". On and nothing. Because there won't be one.'' Come which one of you was it LMAO!
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    The frightening reality of online dating.

    I'd recently joined the free dating site plentyoffish following advice from here. After receiving no replies to my messages and hearing about how women are bombarded I decided to see for myself. I set up a fake profile (HB7) to see how bad the bombardments actually were. ID: nic1984g Password...
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    Getting a girl I'm dating's interest level back up? - Using 'Push-Pull'

    I'm not fussed about being a player, I'm looking for a relationship, like most guys want and what ALOT of guys have. However I'm not going to jump into one with any girl, I can take it or leave it, but when I feel I've met a worthy girl (personality as much as looks) I'm totally up for...
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    Getting a girl I'm dating's interest level back up? - Using 'Push-Pull'

    I usually wouldn't be too bothered. I date a lot of girl's, but rarely do I meet one who's personality so suits mine, so much that we just CLICK. I've known her for a around 8 months at work (I left working there around 3 months back). We've always known we liked eachother, and there was...
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    Getting a girl I'm dating's interest level back up? - Using 'Push-Pull'

    Maybe, but don't have time to be spinning plates right now, can see where you're coming from though. Infact I'd recommend it to most people if they could. Anyway, has anyone had a situation like this and turned it around using 'push and pull', well, maybe just 'push'?
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    Why is she doing this?

    Ha, us guys are the same. Once we've got the girl we get 'Buyer's Remorse' and back off, making the girls chase... BUT... once we feel we're losing the same girl, we'll (if stupid enough), chase like hell to get them back.
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    Sudden Change in behavior

    How did this turn out for you Serg?
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    Getting a girl I'm dating's interest level back up? - Using 'Push-Pull'

    So basically, I've been dating this girl for around 2 months now. Initially, I think she was the one with the higher interest, always jumping to say 'YES' as soon as I arranged a date. But lately (past 2 or 3 weeks) her interest seems to have waned, I'm slowly beginning to feel like I'm...
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    Women are like...

    Mine's a ****
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    how do you guys reject fat girls?

    Just say you have a girlfriend, how hard is that!
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    I Hate Being Slim!!!

    I saw a really hot Italian girl with a skinny guy today, I think European girls prefer skinny guys than American women do. I used to be skinny and have bulked up a fair bit in the past 2 years, seems to get less attention off girls but have way more confidence, odd.