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    Be an AFC

    Flaming 101 ya see here's an ex. this is a j/k..a bad one i admit it ..but you don't actually break down the crack and act as it where a serious comment or insult. I did not know you are really Brazilian,my bad.;) Ok. One.
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    Be an AFC

    How quickly you crack ! Oh God! Is THAT supposed to be ...anything? a j/k ,diss ..what was that? You just sat their and posted your opinion of my reply ,like women tend to do. Damn,even Jake fought back and didn't take it like a b1tch.DEKKA fought back and didn't just get emotional all...
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    Girl's using b1tch tests to hit on guys

    Many good-looking people think that way not just chics i've seen alot of male *****s who think they can get away with murder cuz they have that all-american look. I don't blame them though cuz when you're good looking people tend to suffocate you with attention and you could get either come...
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    Be an AFC

    1. I'm not black,i've said this like 1 million times .I'm Dominican and Cuban ..as in latin.. 2. You are Brazilian ,you're more of a Nigggerr than i can ever be so please stop with racist sh1t ,i'm sure your grandaddy "Simpa" wouldn't of liked it. PLus i don't talk about you smoking...
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    Tell me... Is this 100% correct?

    I'M NOT WORTHY !! :(:( Cries like a b1tch and falls asleep. Wakes up and realizes who is still in his presence ,wipes drool of his chin (no homo..i mean master) Have you posted here b4?
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    How Many Women Have You Banged?

    lol. Dude if you are that Gunwitch ..i bow down ...i will never question and i will never flame(no homo) but if your not please do not that use that name ..it don't belong here on sohomo.com it's beneath "gunwitch" beleive me. Me personally i was at 7 just 2 weeks ago ..i banged that chic...
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    Be an AFC

    Hey sorry if i don't remember you ,sonny. Your on that queer sh1t i don't like stalkers.You show me when i hurt you and i'll show you acting like a b1tch. You probably said some gay sh1t and i called you on it.
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    Be an AFC

    Nah he said that to be cute and draw attention to his sh1t he wants e-reputation .That's why instigates people when they reply..i NEVER do that at least like usually i'll let something like the following go...
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    Be an AFC

    LOL.This nigga said that like he's proud of that or something ,you wanna medallion for that? Pat yourself on the back lil' buddy.;)
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    Be an AFC

    Shut your HonKey azz Up!!!!
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    Be an AFC

    ....And my man Sax posted this RIGHT before me.. Hmmm....:rolleyes:
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    Be an AFC

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    Not puttin any moves on a girl when you first hang out

    Other Tips : Don't get married .Unless it's for money,unplanned pregnancy with a girl that you like and can't survive on her own (yeah i'm an azzhole but kids shouln't pay)your about to die or go to war and ,or have been with the same damn girl since the day before forever ..marry her .None...
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    Not puttin any moves on a girl when you first hang out

    8 Simple rules: It's better than acting like a faggot wouldn't you agree? You do like women don't you? Then why would you act like you don't want it? Don't beleive sh1t in the dating game it's fake bruh ,you'll see soon enough that everything chicks say is backwards like a...
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    The blame is on me, What can I do?

    , You ain't never lie. But you know nerds need to overcomplicate themselves they all wanna be JeDi ..I mean DJ... Zeus do yourself a favor and never come back to this gay site for it will scar your game ,you already know what you need to know right there in what you just...
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    Second Chances?

    None of this sh1t matters,you'll be old soon and then you will die .Enjoy it while you can get still get wood.
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    Whats the best way to achieve a 'dont give a fvck' attitude?

    By realizing that you are gonna die one day and that 99.9 of life is trivial.
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    Wanted: Your Most AFC Move

    Joining this site ,only thing good that came out of it was a link that "Gunwitch" ****-close stuff,the stuff here is garbage. ban Me.
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    Advice (What would you guys do)

    Re: Re: Advice (What would you guys do) Whoa!.:)
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    Not puttin any moves on a girl when you first hang out

    Is retarded so don't do it. Be a man . You wanna smack her azz when you first her so why act like some eunic.Touch her hands and her back when you talk to her grab her hip when you want kisss her,**** all that "i'm a gentle man " sh1t .