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  1. holidayad_

    Tired of Games

    Yep. Italian girl. Big breasts. New in the house. Let's see what happens.
  2. holidayad_

    Tired of Games

    You're from another generation. Naturally, there are very different concepts and behaviors from today's girls.
  3. holidayad_

    Tired of Games

    Coincidentally, I was talking to my roomie yesterday and she started telling me about the standards she looks for in a man. He needs to: 1. Taking care of himself, going to the gym. 2. Making money. 3. Being able to look after her. 4. Having plans and ambition. 5. Be detached.
  4. holidayad_

    Tired of Games

    One way or another, I'm going to pay. If not with sex directly, then with drinks, dinners and other things. At least *****s are honest in the transaction.
  5. holidayad_

    Teaching my son to PU

    I think that's very nice of you. I wish I'd had that kind of "direction" from my old man. On the other hand, I'm glad I went through some sh*t on my own and still recovered and built my critical sense of how to act or not. I think the ideal world would be a balance of the two.
  6. holidayad_

    Certain types of rejections piss me off and others don’t bother me at all

    Women always know what their schedules will look like. In other words, she possibly already had this and other dates lined up when she told you that. It sucks, but that's how women behave.
  7. holidayad_

    Tired of Games

    Word, man. They just care about themselves and spin the carousel. They give a **** about nothing else. They think they have it all.
  8. holidayad_

    Tired of Games

    What is to be the best man for a woman? The beta with loads of money who enjoys to be cucked? They don't exist. I think they used to exist.
  9. holidayad_

    Tired of Games

    Do they exist? hahaha
  10. holidayad_

    My 5 Weeks No Fap, Semen Retention, Zero P0rn Journey!

    Yes, the strongest situation in this sense happened a few days ago. I went to eat at a Hard Rock Cafe and the waitress simply stopped her work to chat about random subjects (the weather, for example). I guess it was on my day 07 of NoFap. It was like something out of a movie. But it happens.
  11. holidayad_

    Tired of Games

    Yeah, I see your point. But that's not happening. At least with me. I get chicks and I turn them into plates. The point is that I am tired to keep going without seeing any point on it.
  12. holidayad_

    My 5 Weeks No Fap, Semen Retention, Zero P0rn Journey!

    Yeah. Point 02 and 07 happens to me as well. Usually around day 5.
  13. holidayad_

    Tired of Games

    Hey all Simple post: Do you ever get tired of having to play or respond to games in the dating scene? Because I am. Sex for sex's sake, there are ladies of the night. Connecting deeply with a woman these days is practically like winning the lottery anyways.
  14. holidayad_

    Eject if you hear that.

    I've been there too, buddy. We don't realize it at the moment, but it's a deliverance for us.
  15. holidayad_

    Is $ 20 too cheap for a hooker

    I think drinks, dinners, excursions, gasoline and that sort of thing are also a kind of "payment" to have sex with an "ordinary" woman.
  16. holidayad_

    Opinions on hitting on girls who are in LTR

    That's a good way to think about it. If I do not smash, someone else will. That's my goal. I don't give an F to get in a relationship right now, so yeah, she will have to fix it with herself.
  17. holidayad_

    Getting matches doesn't feel interesting anymore

    Women are increasingly uninterested in men. Most of those who use OLD are looking for an ego boost.
  18. holidayad_

    Opinions on hitting on girls who are in LTR

    I recently moved to Europe to complete my master's degree. I'm having to start my game from scratch now. No plates to spin. However, I've noticed that a lot of the approachable girls are in long-term relationships. And since options are scarce, I'm considering being the "devil" and risking...
  19. holidayad_

    How to reject smoothly without burning bridges?

    Do you think it was a good way to avoid burning bridges with her and, consequently, with the "potential leads" in her circle? Because, you know, women gossip. A lot.