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    (game dorks edition) amused mastery vs fake alpha aloofness.

    rollo tomassi in the player handbook argues that amused mastery trumps fake arrogance aloofness (heartiste style). you dont fake feign disinterest in her, you amused yourself because you know her every next move and have mastery over her. aka you read her like a book. for game dorks only, do...
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    How to command presence if youre young?

    i agree, but sometimes old people just envy you because youre young and they wish they young again
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    How to command presence if youre young?

    lol im an oldcel
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    Sh!t Testing

    i too have the audible versionl
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    If GeoMaxxing in the Philippines, be prepared to die financially by a 1000 cuts

    The blackpill has gone mainstream, oldcel who geomaxx are betabuxx only lol, while the young geomaxxer can slay and mog local to death
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    Sh!t Testing

    I read the player handbook by rollo tomassi, in ther he stated 2 kinds of **** test, 1. Congruence **** tes 2. Passive **** test i guess yours are the passive one
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    How to command presence if youre young?

    Young looking male rarely get respect
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    Why Texting games/Rules are complete BS

    Brb im a chad in face Brb you guys who thinka diffeently than me are losers Brb my heigt statts with 6” ****outta here aryan punk Probbaly the girl is ugly ethnic who jbw
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    Rollo tomassi Game book

    I usually tell them i sell hotdogs on roadside works everytiem
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    I hate social norms

    Check this out an edgy person , Muhh muh normies, Brb i hate society Brb im different Brb hindu dindu sub5 face
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    Early 20's girls dating 30+ guys is BS

    Yeah but david sinclair arent going to the gym and metformin causes muscle loss, Inhope he makes new breakthrough without making muscle losses
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    Early 20's girls dating 30+ guys is BS

    Simple, looksmax , lift, young maxx, I hope when im 30+, there is a light version of facelift that could make me look early 20s. A man can only hope
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    Can i still at this age?

    Its over for you oldcel, go betabux
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    Amused mastery = Cringe

    How do we draw the line between these two? We cant always respond to wamen sit test with amused mastery (without drugs). we cant always feel amused 24/7. Am I missing something here? Not gonna lie, I cant fake amused mastery
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    Do alpha males pay for sex?

    S Savage
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    What is the equivalent of a female prostitute on a male?

    I think in my opinion that I dont get it when male(/redpilled?)said only unattractive male pay for sex, when there is hugh grant and other many "unknown" actor celebs who pay for sex and who is definitely not "unattractive". The terms will die out soon i think
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    What is the equivalent of a female prostitute on a male?

    simps? Modern looksmaxer/nice guy? Single mom betabuxxer? Guys who pay for sex? Onlifans subscribers? IG thot followers? Cuckolds?
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    Do alpha males pay for sex?

    This thread will continue until the end of the world lmao , anyway im just bumping and grab my popcorn
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    The player handbook by rollo tomassi

    Has anyone bought this book? Im planning to buy the book