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    Chicks LOVE the nice guys at my work

    Being outgoing and talkative (aka. showing your personality) is always more important than standing around trying to look cool and manly.
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    Girls from dating websites not that good looking

    That's true. If anyone wants to compare, just go to the busiest mall in your city on the busiest day (typically Saturday or Sunday afternoon) and walk around for 1 hour and I guarantee you'll see atleast 10 hotter young girls than the ones on dating websites. Plentyoffish probably has the...
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    Don't Just Look Good On Paper

    Paper tiger: "literal English translation of a Chinese phrase meaning something which seems as threatening as a tiger, but is really harmless. The common usage is synonymous with the adjective toothless, meaning ineffective." Paper champion: variation of the above term, where an athelete has...
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    If you are in a LTR, how physically attractive must the girl be?

    Yeah that's true, but it makes me feel shallow.
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    Finding your confidence! Help me with your comments!

    This is one of the most mind enlightening posts I've read. I'm not sure if it's all real, as others have said, some of the stories/dialogue seem a bit far fetched and the spirituality stuff is kind of out there. But anyway, I think what I learned most was the inner-game philosophy you have...
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    It's not that complicated, people

    I usually like most of Pook's threads, but I hate that one. It's total theoretical long-winding crap. He copies and pastes a lot of things from a NYTimes article without saying it, and then concludes that it's testosterone and masculinity that gets girls. That's not useful on any basis of...
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    Myspace is fycking up everything

    Websites like myspace and friendster promote an AFC lifestyle.
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    Good advice from an unlikely source

    Amazingly written! 5 stars I'm sure the author learned a lot of that info from here as well.
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    What seperates the guys who are always successful from the others?

    I see some guys have virtually no problem at getting HBs. For them, it's like an endless rotation, one after another. What do they ultimately posses that average guys don't?
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    Hard time talking on the phone

    Ask questions and volunteer tidbits of information about yourself relating to the topic at hand. Also, convey your voice so that the girl knows you're comfortable and confident talking to her.
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    High five random girls

    I'm not saying you just high five and leave. You high five, and she'll smile, then you talk to her. She has to talk to you because she's the one who raised her hand to high five you and smiled. You can talk about absolutely anything at this point, it doesn't matter, because technically she...
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    Overgeneralizing and the concept of personal responsibility

    Yeah, the way I look at it is that if I did my part right and she still didn't calibrate, then it just shows her personality isn't that great anyway. It's better to know now than waste time later.
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    Offensive vs defensive plays

    I somewhat agree with that, but not entirely. Although experience is desired, the confidence should come first. For example, you can go into a job and be confident even if you've never worked there before. I'm sure Bill Gates didn't enter business by saying "gee I don't have any experience...
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    Nice Guys are just like wine…..Jerks become like vinegar

    I get what he's saying. Although he definetly shouldn't be waiting around hoping that he will be rewarded.
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    Interesting tests. :)
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    Offensive vs defensive plays

    One of the best posts I've ever read.
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    Don Juan Gold Tip Album

    Offensive vs. Defensive Plays - Wildthang
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    The mysterious thing called personality

    I agree. Just letting it flow, saying whatever is on top of your mind is the key.
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    Different types of openers

    Good question
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    It all about the way you Feel...

    You described exactly how I used to be. That is definetly the biggest difference. Thanks for these words. They put me in the proper frame of mind.