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    Pressure and problems caused by my small penis

    It looks like you can get aroused, but you are been sabotaged by your own feelings of pressure. This is not an unusual problem, just annoying as it spirals terribly. I highly recommend using viagra or something similar, it will help you retain your woody after you are aroused. It will help...
  2. K

    Manipulative b!tch almost had me for 18 years!

    That my friend is called an analogy. I could have used a dodgy bungy jump salesman offering a thrill ride with a dodgy rubber band or any number of seemingly irrelevant examples. But the principle would still be the same. "Um, are you equating a shady bike salesman with taking...
  3. K

    Manipulative b!tch almost had me for 18 years!

    Quote Mr_knowit_all: "I agree what the bytch did was WRONG, and I'm not condoning her actions at all. Some women can be downright evil, and you should avoid them. But I think it's utterly ridiculous for centaurion to come on here playing the fvcking victim. " Lets say you decide to buy a...
  4. K

    Valentine's Day

    Quote Desdinova "The gift (or message) should be reflected by the amount of time and energy you've invested into the woman." I prefer: Reflected in the amount of time she's invested in you In reference to the R.T's idea of precedence and compensation: I agree you need to set the...
  5. K

    HELP PLEASE!!!How to not seem needy when you are already in a relationship???

    In most cases I never call If I do, then it's to set appointments Set your frame from the beginning, let her be the one to call you and keep it short. Chicks love to gab for hours you should be too busy hunting dinosaurs for that kind of shennanigans. Kaine
  6. K

    HELP PLEASE!!!How to not seem needy when you are already in a relationship???

    Yes a good general response would be to have your own life and advertise it. Displaying neediness is a common problem that many guys have, and those that think that the chase ends when you get the girl will find this to be an ongoing stumbling block and usually ends in the ejecting of the...
  7. K

    Relationship: HELP, I'm an emotional wreck!

    Women tell men they love them all the time; after she's screwed your best friend, after she dumps you after 5 long years marriage, after been constipated for a week and just taken a crap, after you hit that cherry the first time. Women do this ~all the time Fact of the matter as a man it's...
  8. K

    my girlfriend

    Heres a quick dirty way which is congruent to you state of mind: Visualise her dumping your ass because you are too needy Allow yourself to feel how much more painful that is Imagine you acting feminine and clingy and her getting disgusted and turned off Now leverage those feelings...
  9. K

    I gotta question...kinda advanced im not a noob to the game

    Initiate with some ****y and funny i.e. Pretend she is stalking you "Hey there, I keep noticing you around everynow and then. I'm starting to worry that you're stalking me. You're not following me around are ya?" Proceed from there, there's not too much difference between this and a...
  10. K

    Kinky Sex

    "It doesn't have to be for you." Too true, does your woman give you bl0wjobss because she knows you like it? Variation is important to keep things spicy If it were up to most men, we'd just slap it in and pump it out Do things that turn her on, a skillful seducer can be a freak in...
  11. K

    Younger Women

    Yeah you need to maintain rapport, focusing on the age gap is focusing on your differences when instead you should be focusing on your similarities or at least on things which compliment each other. If they bring it up as a problem, then you can reframe it playfully as a challenge, but you...
  12. K

    Id like some feedback on my first relationship ever

    Hey Mystic Thread pains me: "In ******** what does "I like you, I just dont like relationships" REALLY mean. Its the breakup line I got." <Kaine translation machine> = I want your time and attention while I go around riding other mens cokk. Give her some credit though, she told you...
  13. K

    other women during LTR

    "My LTR is also LD, so I only see her about once a month. I am fully committed to her however" Why are you in long distance relationship? Why are you committed, what's in it for you? Kaine
  14. K

    the #1 mistake guys make

    Joekerr said: "if guys could just make that mental shfit into holding a woman accountable for her actions, instead of excuse women because they are "emotional" they'd get to the "one" a lot quicker. " You are correct women should be accountable for her actions, as with anyone. However one...
  15. K

    L.I.T could you please work this out for me?

    L.I.T is the new Dr Phil Next up on Dr L.I.T "HELP I sold my manhood! But my crackhor roomates still won't put out!" AND "Gay-rageous peacocking colours this season to put the pimp in "pimptastic" Kaine
  16. K

    Note to women out there: It's the little things that count

    In response to :: "And that's what I think is really at issue is filtering and judging interest. As I've stated before women who are into you will find ways to show this to you. Having said that though, I do agree with WESTCOASTER that once a woman is comfortable with you the 'little...
  17. K

    Note to women out there: It's the little things that count

    Selfish? Isn't it hard to be "selfish" and give chase to someone at the same time? A women who is really interested in you would drag herself through broken glass to sleep with you, let alone asking questions about your weekend or wanting to hold your hand. In fact they would probably...
  18. K

    Note to women out there: It's the little things that count

    I acknowledge the rant Perhaps you just need to reframe your thoughts and accept more responsibility when it comes to sedution matters. Have you considered the lack of interest in your personal life and lack of affection as a symtom of lack of interest? In my experience women with high...
  19. K

    simplifying all of this

    Are you both in the position to be good parents? Having a child is life changing, life is hard enough being a responsible citizen. You need to sacrifice many of your freedoms that you take for granted now, if you can, can she? Your view of the world becomes more long term as you grow...
  20. K

    Hmm So.. Now what? Next?

    I agree with Clooney's insights. The frame you set for your relationship did not meet the needs of your GF. From my point of view, in order to maintain a LTR you need to be able to keep moving your GF emotions. Where as guys can live on a flatline, women need fluctuations. The fact the...