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    Probs staying/getting hard and coming inside her

    a) Because I wanted to come and this worked b) Yes, since I currently have trouble doing just that Yes I have I didn't, both tested and she is on birth control Yes to be honest I did fantasize during sex, I'll stop doing that. Also will cut off masturbation altogether. Thanks.
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    Probs staying/getting hard and coming inside her

    So I had some chick over and we did **** a bunch, I came twice (albeit from her jerking me off) the first day. Next day I had trouble staying/getting hard. Also, I'd like to come inside her. She is HB7, but I don't really think the issue is with her looks and more on me on the physical/mental...
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    Article: Men are lost. Here’s a map out of the wilderness.

    I liked the article. The question 'what the heck does good masculinity look like?' is a valid one. Women not being attracted to feminist men resonated, I was like that when I was younger (even had long hair) and had trouble getting girls. I think it starts with being physically strong, it's easy...
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    For the first time I hooked up with a girl that has a relationship

    Update: I spoke to her today, apparently it was good for their relationship because it induced a long needed talk. Can't make this **** up.
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    Jesse Pinkman's approach/field reports thread.

    Bro even I eat this **** up lol
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    For the first time I hooked up with a girl that has a relationship

    Today, for the first time, I hooked up with a girl that has (had?) a boyfriend (3 years) at a party where he was as well. Previously when an occupied girl showed interest I'd not continue, but this time I decided how far I could push it to test the theory of hypergamy (yes I know n=1). I started...
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    Middle eastern in Europe Holland

    I think they're just difficult in general. I'm Dutch and I get way more interest from non-Dutch women
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    Lost frame with one of my plates

    Thanks for the kind words and advice, appreciate it
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    Lost frame with one of my plates

    Previous times it was at my place, felt a lot more comfortable obviously It wasn't really about the sex, it was more about me not taking initiative that bothered me Haha yes fair enough Yes the self deprecation is a recurring theme, I think it has to do with the standards I hold myself to...
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    Lost frame with one of my plates

    This plate was a same night lay, after that we've slept a couple of times together and I'd say she broke some rules to be with me although she is quite promiscuous in general. Last night I went to her place 9pm and my motive was to have sex next to having a good time. Well we had a good time and...
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    How often have you been approached by women?

    I might be bad at reading signals from women because I think it's 0, from dudes on the other hand...
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    Other women checking out HB8+ dates

    Whenever I date a HB8+ I notice other women blatantly checking her out. I wonder what you think the reason is, since it's really obvious and it doesn't really happen with less pretty women. Is there a Red Pill reasoning for it or am I just looking into this too much?