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  1. J

    BPD & Attraction. Conclusion: You're playing with a loaded deck.

    Yes, Danger, even at time of writing I had this in my mind. What I wanted to say but didn't find correct way to express is, that it does not take much more energy to change a BPD compared to changing a "common, normal" person. I believe that if you don't "click", it is just a waste of...
  2. J

    BPD & Attraction. Conclusion: You're playing with a loaded deck.

    Let me borrow your statement. You can not defuse the bomb. But you can move it to the area where it does no damage. Thinking that BPD people are just bad is doing just what "we" accuse them to be. Splitters. They are not just good or bad. They are just human beings. They are just something...
  3. J

    BPD & Attraction. Conclusion: You're playing with a loaded deck.

    I disagree with "keep reading" advice. If you can't handle the fire, then don't play with it. It was just a maturing experience. When you hit the rock bottom, you knew you have to do something or just give up. In the path of getting back to what you used to be before you have learned many new...
  4. J

    Dating a woman who makes more money than me?

    I just read the title and nothing else. As I don't really want to read much. Dating a woman with more money than u have.. Well that is just great. If she can't sexually and mentally satisfy you, well then she can at least finnancially satisfy you. If not, no problem, you can still date a woman...
  5. J

    People who cheat and lie

    hello darkstarrr I am fine, thank you for asking. I am actually really really well. As it goes about lying and cheating.. I believe it is just the way some people learned to cope with life and life difficulties. Sometimes people lie to avoid pain, other times they lie to gain something. I...
  6. J

    People who cheat and lie

    Everyone lies. We are human beings.
  7. J

    The Texting Revolution

    Good point. Thank you.
  8. J

    The Texting Revolution

    Case closed. Lock the thread. Put it in the DJ bible. ;) (and someone might add "and ban the spammer" <D )
  9. J

    The Texting Revolution

    It might be labeled as a buffer, but why would buffers be bad? They are used in electronics not that company can write on the box "this cd recorder has 2mb high speed buffer" but because buffers can be useful in unpredictable situations. I am not saying that I am not agreeing with you to some...
  10. J

    The building blocks of VALUE

    It's all about maintaining the frame that is fruitful and useful for you. As you are one of those complicated creatures called human beings, following some set of rules written on some message board might cause you a lot of problems. Biggest value of a man I believe is being content in own...
  11. J

    The Texting Revolution

    those DJ "rules" are very limiting. Not using sms and always calling is one of those limiting rules. One days one of those "smart" people might be suffering some kind of personality disorder just because of blindly following some of the "DJ rules". Dj Bible needs an update.
  12. J

    Any european DJs out there?

    I'm from Slovenia, not your area of interest. ;) But I can assure you our women are easy for foreign people. At least it seems so for me :D
  13. J

    need advice. ex is back and wants to have sex

    If you are dramatic, you can control yourself and not fall emotionally for her, then why not f*ck her in the ways you always wanted but never or rarely tried (like some fetishes etc.). If your game is strong, you could pump your ego with whatever the f*ck u would want by doing to her anything...
  14. J

    Emotional Unavailability

    You could also say that you "simply don't click with these women". The good thing about that is that you would not care as much even if you were "cheated" again while in reality you are somehow cheating them by being "emotionally unavailable". I'm not judging or whatever as I feel content in...
  15. J

    Advice - Exboyfriend calling my LTR

    I believe the best thing you could do is to advice her to change her phone number or to block his phone number. Changing phone number creates wonders. But just like men said before, the girl love attention. And I also agree that if he calls 5-8 times a week, she must definitely had had a...
  16. J

    Simple BPD message

    Besides, your statement "She was the best in the biz, and you will never come close, sorry." might be good prove that I am not all that.. you know what we are talking about in here. ;) And I want to add another thing. You were almost the only person that discussed these things that pop in my...
  17. J

    Simple BPD message

    Yeah, you decided to delete. Probably because U were afraid you will be caught on your misunderstandments. I am not full of ****. I am not "in war". I asked for help, and you are obviously unable to continue to give it. Actually your response shows me that there is alot of truth in my writings...
  18. J

    This place is not just about picking up women.

    and put age into your profile .. ;)
  19. J

    Simple BPD message

    And thank you both for taking your time to answer my posts. It is really rare that anyone actually take time and respond. Usually it is just ignore/delete/ban/whatever. ... :\
  20. J

    Simple BPD message

    And here is the second part of my answer. ** i don't help people that don't want to help themselves. it may seem selfish but its also if you think about it you'll only be wasting your own time if you get involved horaholic. This is where I agree. You can not help person who is not willing...